"When I was young I dreamed of freedom. I dreamed of breaking chains. But as you get older your choices narrow. So instead, I gave us an empire. But I knew exactly what I was doing." Khaleesi, is that you?

Ever wondered what would have happened if Daenerys Targaryen hadn't been killed by Jon Snow and had instead continued to expand her empire under the guise of "liberation" until she found herself, at last, all-powerful and unattached atop the highest throne in the land? Then look no further than HBO's upcoming Catherine The Great.

The limited series stars Dame Helen Mirren as the 18th century Empress of Russia, the country's longest-ruling female leader who took power after overthrowing her own husband. Catherine did not, by the way, have sex with horses, and she did not die from trying to have sex with a horse, despite long running historical rumor. So just know that.

The trailer looks sumptuous and opulent, like Imperial Russia itself, a truly epic adaptation. Mirren will no doubt be an awards contender for her steely yet sexy portrayal of the famous monarch. The series also stars Jason Clarke as Catherine's lover and commander Grigory Potemkin. But don't expect matching his-and-hers crowns from the woman who declares "I will not share my throne with anyone."

Catherine The Great premieres on HBO this Fall (but if you're absolutely desperate for Imperial Russia Content, you can always watch The Last Czars on Netflix. It's weird and kind of bad, but also, kind of amazing). It's unclear how much the show will lean into the #girlboss narrative of it all, but around the 55-second mark of the trailer, you can see the "her" in "Catherine" highlighted in blood red, so make of that what you will. Check out the trailer below:


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