Spray It Loud

The Hole’s summer exhibition highlights a playful new medium.

Greg Bogin The Hole NYC

In 2009 Kathy Grayson, then a director at Deitch Projects, was tasked with helping Tauba Auerbach turn the gallery’s Williamsburg warehouse outpost into a veritable spray booth to enable the artist to make the first of her “Fold” gradient paintings. “There was plastic everywhere and it was very serial killer-y and cool and weird,” recalls Grayson, who went on to visit many similar studio environs in the ensuing years, culminating in a stop this spring at the bright white, “clean room-like” Bushwick studio of Brooklyn artist Zane Lewis. Now, Grayson’s gallery, The Hole, is highlighting the spray trend with a vibrant summer group show, Go With the Flow .“We don’t usually do shows about tools because it’s a very literal way to do a show, but the works made with this tool are so diverse,” she says. “Spray tools allow you to make seamless color shifts and that has something to do with digital aesthetics.” Grayson is turning the entirety of the gallery into a spray booth with the walls, ceilings, and floors all draped in plastic, the paintings hung over the sheets. “It’s feeling very Dexter in here,” she says.

Go With the Flow runs from July 10 to August 17 at The Hole NYC, 312 Bowery.

Photos: Spray It Loud

The All-Mirrored Bathroom was a Favoured Fashion, 2014 by Rosson Crow. Courtesy of The Hole NYC.

Caravan to Midnight, 2014 by Dennis Hoekstra. Courtesy of The Hole NYC.

Untitled (Atmosphere I), 2014 by Zane Lewis. Courtesy of The Hole NYC.

SoCal #2, 2012 by Timothy Uriah Steele. Courtesy of The Hole NYC.

O.o, 2012 by Keltie Ferris. Courtesy of The Hole NYC.

Untitled (tvptgf), 2013 by Adam Henry. Courtesy of The Hole NYC.

Every Minute of Every Day, 2014 by Greg Bogin. Courtesy of The Hole NYC.

Boise State II, 2014 by Wendy White. Courtesy of The Hole NYC.

Alice and Singing Bodegas, 2014 by Jesse Edwards. Courtesy of The Hole NYC.

Red All Over, 2014 by Austin Lee. Courtesy of The Hole NYC.