The Prom Trailer: Meryl Streep Takes Center Stage

Ryan Murphy’s colorful trailer for his Netflix movie musical adaptation of Broadway’s The Prom has finally arrived.

Courtesy of Netflix.

Ryan Murphy‘s anticipated movie musical adaptation of Broadway’s The Prom has finally released its trailer, to colorful effect.

In The Prom, Jo Ellen Pellman plays a lesbian teen, who has received the support of her high school principal (played by Keegan-Michael Key), but has been banned by the head of the PTA (played by Kerry Washington) from bringing her girlfriend (played by Ariana DeBose) to the prom.

When their Broadway show flops, a couple of of self-obsessed theater stars, played by James Corden and Meryl Streep, descend upon a sleepy Indiana town that is preventing Emma (Pellman) from attending her high school’s prom with her girlfriend, and try to give her the prom she deserves.

Andrew Rannells and Nicole Kidman also play two performers who need to boost their professional images, so they take up the cause of giving Emma a prom where she can bring her girlfriend along as her date. According to the Netflix synopsis of the movie musical, the group’s “self-absorbed celebrity activism” goes wrong.

It’s a reunion of sorts for Streep and Corden, who co-starred together in Into the Woods, as well as a reunion for Streep and Kidman, who of course worked together on season two of Big Little Lies and The Hours.

The Prom will be released on Netflix on December 11.

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