Keen on Quinoa

W‘s beauty director travels to Peru.


Some fly to Italy for the pasta, others to France for the wine and the cheese. My husband and I trekked all the way to Peru for quinoa. And before you write me off as some health food nut, you really need to try a quinoa facial. The grainy seed is a wonderfully gentle exfoliant, which explains why it’s a star ingredient at The Spa at Tambo del Inka, in Peru’s Sacred Valley region. The Quinoa Facial was the perfect end to Tambo’s Quinoa Trail, a full-day program that began with the fluffiest quinoa pancakes, followed by a mountain bike ride past miles of quinoa fields, the aforementioned facial, and, finally, a dinner featuring the calcium-rich morsels in everything from risotto to cheesecake. Okay, fine. Maybe I am a health food nut. (libertador.com.pe)