We must come to terms with the fact that certain trends in 2016 must rest in peace in order for us to move on in style in the new year. Here’s to ringing in new trends in 2017!

The Thrasher Tee

Thrasher Merch: Somehow this tee favored by first by skaters and later models off-duty at the dawn of 2016 led to everyone else under the sun buying their own t-shirt from the beloved monthly skateboarding magazine Thrasher. And that’s in addition to all the celebrities, like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Sofia Richie, Elie Goulding and even North West (isn’t a skateboard bigger than a toddler?) who wore the magazine's ubiquitous merch. Please, if you skate and read Thrasher, continue to wear your adored logo tees and hoodies, but perhaps street style stars and other influencers can try out some new humorous tees in the new year.


Athleisure: We love sport-influenced fashion. And fashion-influenced sportswear! Really. But perhaps as 2016 comes to a close, it should take the leather jacket and hoodie + sports bra/crop top + legging/sweat pant/track pant combination with it. Good riddance!

The Choker

The Choker: In fashion, and in life in general, there can always be a moment for a choker. This year was the year of the choker, from a simple leather cord tied around the neck to a thick band of fabric to the crystal and leather chokers that landed on the necks of Rihanna, Khloe Kardashian, and Kendall Jenner, and that's just to name a few. Perhaps it’s time for chokers to take a time-out, and let’s all try for a big earring in 2017 instead? Pretty please.

Bucket Hats

Bucket Hats: Yes, the '90s were back in a big way in 2016. From the denim to the maligned chokers, the decade was everywhere, but nowhere was its worst influence felt than in the pervasiveness of the bucket hat. Oh, does anyone still wear a (bucket) hat? Yes, god yes. Although in concept they can be charming and sweet and easy to wear, the result usually is not as good as the intention. Unless, you’re Rihanna. Of course.

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The Color Nude: Nude is the color (err, non-color?) of the year. Nude as in the Kardashian clan’s go-to color of choice for bodysuits, skirts, knits, and swimwear, most prominently as seen in their dual appearances at Kanye West's February and September shows for Yeezy. They even sometimes favor a nude lip. The trend has trickled down to the masses, but as it is not the easiest color to wear, perhaps 2017 will usher in some love for a new hue. May we recommend pink?

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