Jac Jagaciak, Hanne Gaby Odiele

Jac Jagaciak and Hanne Gaby Odiele

Unlike the rest of us, 15-year-old Jac Jagaciak, the current face of Calvin Klein Collection, didn’t have an awkward adolescence. The Polish beauty landed a Hermes campaign at the tender age of 13, a time when most teens are still plagued with acne and braces. Although Jagaciak had to sit out the last few seasons due to age regulations, she made a splash during Fall 2009 fashion week, walking in a slew of shows, from Dolce & Gabbana to Jil Sander to Calvin Klein Collection (which she opened and closed). With her perfect pout and flawless skin, she’ll be one of the girls to watch when the New York shows kick off in September.


What was it like to do the Hermes campaign at such a young age?
I had only been modeling for a short time, so when someone told me about Hermes, I didn't know what they were talking about. I thought, “What is Hermes” and “Who is Peter Lindbergh?!” I think not knowing helped me stay relaxed.

[#image: /photos/585394d96666b2eb4762ddd8]||||||From left: Calvin Klein Collection fall 2009; a Calvin Klein Collection ad campaign.

Tell us about your debut at Fall 2009 fashion week.
I had been waiting 2 years for that! I was very nervous that first week in New York, but after I got to know the city and people, I felt better. I watched a lot of shows and backstage videos to prepare. I did my best; I’m really proud of myself.

You fell at the Herve Leger show last season—is it safe to say that was your worst runway moment?
I’ve had so many embarrassing moments and silly mistakes. I’ve fallen on the runway, forgotten millions of names and went to the wrong place for a casting. But the worst experience was when I was 14 and had to run away from an Australian journalist. He waited outside my house and tried to chase me down for a story.

Sounds terrifying! Why was he trying to talk to you?
Oh my god! It was the scariest moment of my life. He tried to use my name as an example of models that were too young. He wanted to know why I wasn’t at Australia fashion week.

[#image: /photos/585394d957dfc3b0230f8443]||||||From left: Dolce & Gabbana fall 2009; Ralph Lauren fall 2009.

We hear you’re from quite an athletic family.
I’m actually spending 10 days with my parents and sister, Anna, at a sport camp in Ustka on the Baltic Sea coast. My dad coaches athletes from Wielkopolska, and Anna competes in long jump and triple jump. She was a bronze medalist at the European Althletics Junior Championships. I love high jump and volleyball. If I wasn’t modeling, I would probably be training like my sister.

Top image: Backstage at Versace fall 2009. Photos: Backstage and runway, WWD staff.