After teasing its mysterious 4:44 project over the past week via online and IRL ads, Tidal is finally ready to spill the beans on what those pesky repeated numbers a mean. And, surprise! It's not a new Jay Z album.

The streaming service has revealed that 4:44 is not a musical endeavor, but rather is a short, NC-17 film starring the major A-list talents of Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong’o, and Danny Glover. There's not much to unpack from the brooding black-and-white teaser Tidal unveiled on Wednesday night—will it be four minutes and forty-four seconds?—but we do know that it includes an extended sequence of a shirtless Ali exercising and boxing with a punching bag. Tidal also teamed up with Sprint to create the film, because, you know, telecommunication collaborations are all the rage now. (Sprint also owns a hearty stake in the company, so it's not that surprising.) With this partnership, the film will exclusively air on, as opposed to the normal Tidal website.

After the commercial announcing the film aired during the NBA Finals, Marcelo Claure, the president and CEO of Sprint, took to Twitter to share the snippet and say "more news" about 4:44 would be known today. Jay Z, meanwhile, has been playing coy.

Ali and Nyong’o are experiencing massive highs in their respective careers at the moment. Nyong’o is set to star in a film alongside Rihanna that was inspired by a viral Twitter meme—yes, really—as well as Marvel's highly anticipated Black Panther, and Ali took home the coveted Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his work in Moonlight earlier this year.

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