In these rather tame first few days, it seems gorgeous gams are doing all the talking. Bold and playful leg-wear has made it down the runway and, even better, we've noticed some of our favorite fashion editors and writers embracing the trend. Spotted in the tents on fellow fashion revelers were sheer purple tights, graphic plaids and the always faithful matte black or grey opaque numbers. On the runway,
BCBG made a statement with gold and gunmetal lurex tights and
Miss Sixty mixed some intricately crocheted tights with oversized colorful leopard prints.

[#image: /photos/58538dd0e3d613c03e1ebe3c]||||||A look from Band of Outsiders; a look from Vena Cava.

Boy by Band of Outsiders added a sporty twist with thigh-high socks and
Vena Cava vamped it up with sheer black tights with back seams. So why the spotlight on tights? We're guessing the economy may have something to do with it. Surely leg-wear is the easiest and cheapest alternative to splurging on the latest Givenchy shoes, yes?

Photos: BCBG: John Aquino; Miss Sixty: Robert Mitra; Band of Outsiders: George Chinsee; Vena Cava: Pasha Antonov.