Given the rest of the regular news cycle, it's a true joy when a story comes along that allows us, the collective audience, to sit back, relax, and enjoy watching rich people get caught. Like Fyre Fest before it, the Lori Loughlin/Felicity Huffman/Rich Parents college bribery scandal, which only started unfolding this morning, is ripe for mockery, since no one's life was ever at stake and, well, aside from the possibility of jail time for the indicted, the only immediate repercussion is intense public embarrassment.

And if there's one place you go to gawk at intense public embarrassment, it's Twitter, where they're currently having a field day with the news. Most people are replying to the news stories with something along the lines of "yes, this is common practice, in that the elites routinely try to skirt the law" or "[insert GIF of someone shoving popcorn into their mouth]."

A few have made jokes about the similarities between this case and Desperate Housewives, the show about scheming, often criminal moms, on which Huffman starred for many years. On the other hand, Loughlin is best known for her work on Full House, the moralistic family show where cheaters always learned their lesson in twenty minutes or less.

Below are some of our favorite reactions to the news, from comedian Billy Eichner accusing other TV actresses of buying admission to Ivy League schools to the many, many GIFs that were seemingly created for this moment:

A few intrepid citizen journalists are finding choice moments in the released court documents:

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And finally, the best take:

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