Twitter Reacts to the Trump-Biden Debate’s Wildest Moments

Tiny windows, racist rooms, and ghost towns, oh my.

Photo by MORRY GASH/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

The winner of last night’s final debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump may very well have been the very format of presidential debates themselves. The addendum of a muted microphones rule and moderator Kristen Welker’s expert ability to let the candidates get their retorts in while still hurrying them along added an air of formality that was notably missing from the candidate’s first face-off.

But don’t mistake form for substance. The debate still had more than its share of off-the-wall moments, and Trump’s records with fact checkers is actually worse than his performance in the first debate, according to CNN. Twitter was also busy weighing in on the night.

Trump’s Accusation That Biden Isn’t Really From Scranton

Biden’s early political career played out in Delaware, where he still resides, but the former vice president is a native of Scranton, Pennsylvania. (Biden’s family struggled financially in his youth, and moved to Delaware when he was 10). In part bolstered by The Office, Scranton does hold a place as the prototypical struggling middle class city in the American imagination, and happens to be in one of this year’s most pivotal swing states. Trump, perplexingly enough, attempted to attack Biden’s Scranton credentials. “He doesn’t come from Scranton,” the president said. “That’s like, what, he lived there for a short period of time before he even knew and he left. And the people of Pennsylvania will tell you that.”

“I’m The Least Racist Person in this Room”

Trump’s new responce to accusations of stoking racial tension and coddling White supramcists apparently is just that he’s “the lest racist person,” a phrase he uttered three times during last night’s debate.

New York: Ghost Town, USA

Over the past few months, Conservative media has painted New York City as alternatively an “anarchist jurisdiction” or a dying ghost town, which Trump echoed in the debate. It’s an assertion that anyone actually in New York City can tell you is not true.

Tiny Windows and Dead Birds

During an exchange about climate change, Trump went off on tangents about bird-killing windmills and tiny, small windows.

Somewhat ironically, large windows actually kill more birds than windows.

“Republican Congress. That’s the answer.”

It was less than four years ago, so no one should need much a reminder of how antagonistic many Republicans in congress were to the Obama administration, but Biden’s blunt answer to the dynamic certainly, well, hung in the air.