Totally For Real

With his new documentary Reely and Truly, photographer Tyrone Lebon turns the camera on his own kind.

After being in hot demand by the fashion industry for a solid year and a half, the London photographer Tyrone Lebon took a time-out last winter to focus on his first interest: documentaries. “Fashion was never really part of my plan,” says the 32 year-old, who received an M.A. in anthropology at Edinburgh University. Intrigued by his fellow photographers—“odd beasts,” as he describes them—he began filming Reely and Truly, an audio-visual poem that offers an intimate glimpse inside their worlds. Included in the 30-minute documentary, which can be seen at, are Juergen Teller, Nobuyoshi Araki, Lina Scheynius, Mario Sorrenti, and Tyrone’s father, Mark Lebon, who came to prominence in the 1980s as a key contributor to the Buffalo style movement in London. “They’re all very different, but they have a similar passion for what they do,” says Lebon. “Seeing their struggles gave me a fresh energy to focus on my fashion work.”