Gilan’s oil-theme gem

Talk about a smart business move. To celebrate the birthday of a Moscow-based associate, Istanbul shipping tycoon Mubariz Mansimov commissioned Turkish jeweler Gilan to make the ultimate desk accessory—a jeweled oil rig. “Our creative director was given total freedom to represent the oil industry [in a decorative object], and he came up with the idea of this rig,” says Gilan exec Cenk Cokuslu. The 10.6-inch-tall objet d’art is made of black and green jade, intricate goldwork, cabochon rubies and more than 100 carats of black and white diamonds. The one-of-a-kind piece cost Mansimov $430,000 and took six workers six months to make, but as Cokuslu puts it, “It’s like that MasterCard commercial. It’s priceless.”

Courtesy of Gilan