If your reaction to the news that scores of male models are taking their girlfriends to see Fifty Shades of Grey on Valentine's Day is to roll your eyes and realize, 'Oh right, there's another one', don't fret: there are plenty of other movies out there to watch on the blessed day. Here's a selection of the best and most unconventional romances ever released, which come with a bonus: you can see them all from the privacy of your own bed, with or without a model.

Harold and Maude (Amazon)
A feel-good appreciation of that other type of relationship—friendship—with a Cat Stevens-stacked soundtrack to boot.

I Am Love (Netflix)
Tilda Swinton is hardly ever a bad idea, especially when she gets sensual—this time, with a prawn.

The Great Beauty (Amazon)
Pre-The Young Pope, Paolo Sorrentino's Oscar-winning tale of debauchery through Rome is led by the ever charming Jep Gambardella.

Y Tu Mamá También (Netflix)
For those fond of adventures, Alfonso Cuarón's road trip through Mexico is heavy on the steamy, intergenerational, and at times definitely uncomfortable sex scenes.

The Dreamers (Amazon)
Set in 1968, a nudity-heavy film for the historically minded, not to mention those who like to do things in groups.

Mad Max: Fury Road (Amazon)
Two hours' worth of marveling at the beauties that are both Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron with a buzzcut, plus enough chase scenes for the action lovers in there, too.

Nymphomaniac (Netflix)
Lars von Trier's notorious saga has a little something—or someone—for everyone, from Charlotte Gainsbourg to Uma Thurman to Shia LaBeouf, plus enough to make the night last with two two-hour parts.

Blue Is the Warmest Color (Netflix)
A love story, for sure, but a Palme d'Or-winning saga of a French one complete with Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux with blue hair.

Beginners (Netflix)
An appreciation of late-in-life love inspired by the real-life family of Mike Mills.

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