Victoria Beckham never manages to disappoint, even if she doesn't take the expected route. Who would have thought that a former Spice Girl would become a respected style doyenne with an established fashion empire, after all?

When the star recently teased that she would be appearing in one of James Corden's incredibly popular "Carpool Karaoke" segments in an Instagram Story, we expected nothing short of viral gold. On Friday, the video dropped, and as expected like anything from Beckham (including her new line for Target), it's pretty spectacular even if it's not quite what we expected.

Rather than engage in a typical game of "Carpool Karaoke," in which The Late Late Show host Corden and his guest drive around Los Angeles streets jamming out, he and Beckham did something a little more posh. The duo, instead, filmed a fake trailer for a remake of the 1987 movie Mannequin. In the clip, which you can watch in full below, Beckham takes on the role of the mannequin while Corden tries to find her mannequin friends—naturally. The late night host, however, is the only one who can see Beckham, whereas everyone else can see, well, only a mannequin.

Don't fret about the changes in script—CBS still gave thirsty viewers a taste of a Spice Girls moment, despite Beckham's distancing herself from the girl group. For just a few glorious moments, Corden and the former singer break out into "Spice Up Your Life." Whether she was lip-synching or not—she was probably lip-syncing—every single second of it was enjoyable enough, including the on-point crisp white blouse. Would you expect anything less from Posh, though?

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