W’s Fashion Market and Accessories Director, Karla Martinez and Market Editor, Lindsey Frugier, two women with no shortage of amazing clothes, but a decided shortage of closet space, turned to The Custom Project and co-founder Jose Ramon for a full-service overhaul.

“I recently moved from a tiny studio apartment into a real one bedroom with my husband,” says Frugier. “But somehow I’ve already managed to fill up all of the closets.”


Here’s how it works: Ramon or his partner Fernanda Domit (both fashion industry veterans) visit the client’s house (which can involve some serious schlepping—they have clients all over the globe), assess their wardrobe—weeding out old or out-of-date pieces, tailoring other items—and then offer personal shopping services to fill in the gaps.

For Frugier, that meant getting rid of a lot of her old boots and realizing “I only need to invest in dresses and blouses,” she says. “I have way too many pants and jackets.”


The team also styles looks from the new, curated wardrobe, and creates concise photo lookbooks. “Some clients have several homes, so they give a copy of the lookbook to one of their staff so they can easily pack and unpack for them,” says Ramon.

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