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Alicia Vikander's Lara Croft for the new installment of Tomb Raider is just what the world needs right now, as evidenced by the first trailer. In the video clip, the action hero proves to be unstoppable in her quest to find her father, no matter the obstacles in her path. "I think I know where my dad went," she tells her friend played by Lu Ren. "Right in the middle of the Devil's Sea?," he asks. "It will be an adventure," she says. Vikander then proceeds to abandon her boat in the throes of a storm, jumping into wall-like waves. She runs through the jungle. She crosses a raging river. She demonstrates the myriad of things you can do with a hammer-shaped machete.

Impressively, Lara Croft manages to pull off all these feats while wearing just a tank top and pants, which Vikander has joked about. "I never think about anything that might hurt me, or that I’ll have to wear only a tank top," she told Vogue UK this summer. "During one scene I was thrown into a river of ice cold water fifty times with my hands tied. It had to be continuous, as they didn’t have time to dry me off in between because that’s when you risk getting hypothermic. My family and friends laugh now because I’m thrown into freezing water at some point in all my films!"

Croft is thrown into that water while on her way to "close the tomb once and for all." "The fate of humanity is now in your hands," a voice says during the trailer for the Roar Uthaug-directed film. It's that kind of resiliency though that makes Vikander such a good fit for the role. "I think people can identify with her for lots of different reasons, but for me I very much see her as a model for many young women," she told Vanity Fair of Tomb Raider's Lara Croft. "She's trying to carve out her place in the world and connect her future with her past. She also has a fantastic mix of traits—tough, smart, vulnerable, plus she’s kick ass! She is also uniquely different to other characters I have taken on previously. It's a lot of fun trying to get into Lara’s head and the challenge of getting to grips with such a physical role is an element of this project that I find an absolute thrill."

By the looks of the first trailer, Vikander won't be the only one to have that reaction.

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