A Westworld Site Has Confirmed the Existence of 5 More Parks

Cowboys and bandits are just the tip of the iceberg.

John P. Johnson/HBO

When the trailer for Season 2 of Westworld aired during the Super Bowl, most football fans were probably too distracted by the game, Justin Timberlake’s halftime performance, or what was left in the cooler to worry about such things as hidden binary codes. But thank goodness for eagle-eyed Reddit users who payed close attention to the series’ Season 2 trailer, which aired in the midst of the big game. They’ve discovered a new website that reveals a lot about the upcoming season of the HBO show, including the fact that the Westworld universe is much bigger than was previously thought.

On the surface, the trailer didn’t tell us much, save for the clear message that Dolores and Maeve, played by Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton, are about to unleash utter chaos in the dystopian world (“these violent delights have violent ends,” remember?). But if you look closely at the 33-second mark, above the robotic charging bulls, there’s a flash of binary code. Reddit user Askin1 cracked the code to reveal a website called Delos Destinations, which acts as a type of landing page ostensibly for those who plan to visit one of the Delos-owned theme parks, including Westworld.

Now, of course, there have been past hints that there are additional parks outside of Westworld, but the Delos Destination site confirms there are actually a total of six “worlds.” Conveniently, the site experiences “glitches” if someone tries to figure out the themes of each of the different parks, but viewers have already seen hosts—Westworld-speak for the cyborgs—dressed as Samurais, suggesting that one of the parks ventures into feudal Japan. The second park is the only one of the remaining five to at least show a (blurred) image that could maybe look like Japan if you squinted hard enough.

We might also note that the sequel to the original Westworld movie introduced the titular park of Futureworld as well as Spaworld, Romanworld, and Medievalworld. No word on if any of those themes may be repeated.

If you have time to kill before April 22, when the Season 2 premieres on HBO, there is, of course, much more to be discovered on this new site. According to Reddit users, if you ask the now infamous Westworld website bot, Aeden, for a guidebook, you’ll be led down a path of anagrams, flow charts, and detailed information about host construction. In the meantime, if you’re like Bernard being faced with his own host-hood, and the barcodes and charts “don’t look like anything to you,” don’t worry—there are sure to be many more clues in the next three months.

And if you need a refresher on Season 1, now would be the time to read up, since it seems that Westworld is about to become an even more complex maze. Watch the trailer (and rewatch as many times as necessary), below.

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