With the theme song of Chariots of Fire ringing in their ears, our accessories team —
Brooke Magnaghi,
Shiona Turini and
Beitressa Mandelbaum—made a mad dash across rainy, windy Manhattan last night, showing love for the economy and their fellow fashion freaks. Miraculously, outfits stayed intact and feet suffered minimal damage. Starting at Solange-Azagury Partridge's boutique on the Upper East Side and ending downtown at Opening Ceremony, here's a round up of the evening's highlights:


Pretzels & Peep Shows
Solange-Azagury Partridge's whimsical designs, showcased behind miniature gold framed displays, mimicked Victorian peep-shows and had our mouths watering, almost as much as the hot dog and pretzel vendor doling out free eats outside the boutique. Proceeds of the sale of her special-edition signature enamel red lip ring went to Project(Red).


Maneuvering through the Mobs
We managed to get some face time at the cram-packed Barneys with Proenza Schouler's Jack McCullough, who was at his first of three appearances for the night. We were able to side-step (okay, outmuscle) the mob of fans lined up to purchase wallets signed by the boys, but our fortune ran out when we started our trek over to the YSL boutique on 57th Street. The crowd swarming around the Calvin Klein boutique (where Francisco Costa was signing t-shirts) was nearly impenetrable.


YSL and the Most Coveted Door Prize
The night wouldn't be complete without a visit to our friends over at Yves Saint Laurent. Champagne, music and good conversation was what we needed to refuel for the long night ahead. Of course, we entered the raffle for YSL's newest bag, the Roady. Sadly, our bribe was politely refused and we left empty handed.

Rubbing Shoulders with Stars at Versace
At the palatial Versace boutique on Fifth Ave, the place was filled to the brim with models, celebs and shoppers trying to get a glimpse of the MisShapes, Ciara and one of our fave models, Chanel Iman (who was showing off her new Versace Rev bag). While Ciara admired Brooke's lace-up Louboutins, we obsessed over the singer's gold Versace jewelry.

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[#image: /photos/585395d8e3d613c03e1ec0e8]||||||From left: Ciara, Chanel Iman.

Tory Time
Finally making our way downtown, we got to Tory Burch where we were immediately greeted by Tory herself. Always a crowd pleaser, DJ Cassidy turned the petite boutique into the best dance party in the Meatpacking district. To the beat of Michael Jackson and Diana Ross, we drank Coronas and scarfed brownies. We heard that the jackets Tory made specifically for the evening were practically sold out by the time we got there.

Ice Cream and Out
The mobs at Opening Ceremony made it close to impossible to tackle the line-up, which included trunk shows by Band of Outsiders, Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, Rodarte and Delfina Delettrez. But the Van Leeuwen ice cream pushcart outside the store was a sweet end to the evening.