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There has been no shortage of X-Men movies since filmgoers were first introduced to Professor X and company in 2000. Marvel fans have seen the good (X-Men, X-Men: First Class), the bad (X-Men: The Last Stand), and the so sad it might ruin not just all Wolverine movies, but all Hugh Jackson movies for you (Logan). And now, mutant fans are finally getting a horror movie.

On Friday (the 13th, no less) the trailer dropped for X-Men: The New Mutants—a look at what happens when mutant teens aren't sent to a magical prep school full of small classes and only the occasional government raid, and instead are locked in some kind of haunted house. The film stars Stranger Things' Charlie Heaton as Sam Guthrie (Mutant code name: Cannonball) and Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams as Rahne Sinclair a.k.a. Wolfsbane.

Indie horror queen Anya Taylor-Joy also appears as Illyana Rasputina a.k.a. Magick. For the star of The Witch and Split, a superhero horror movie is an appropriate first entry into blockbuster territory. Meanwhile, 13 Reasons Why and Teen Wolf hunk Henry Zaga appears as Sunspot. The Originals' Blu Hunt appears as Mirage. Basically, the cast is a teen dream.

Though, again, the actual plot is a nightmare. The fivesome are new to their mutant powers, and, as Alica Braga's character Dr. Cecilia Reyes explains that potentially makes them very dangerous as they don't know how to control those powers yet. Though, it seems that something even more potentially dangerous is lurking in the hospital. Producers have described the film as "Stephen King meets John Hughes," so its certainly unlike anything we've seen before in superhero films.

The film is also rumored to feature cameos from other characters in the main X-Men movies, but we won't know for sure until X-Men: The New Mutants is released on April 13.

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