Behind the Music

The Brooklyn-bred musician MeLo-X on scoring Beyoncé’s new short film Yours And Mine.

Still from Beyoncé's "Yours And Mine."

In a new ten-minute film Yours And Mine, out today, Beyoncé muses about her family, music, and what it is like to become “the property of the public.” The black-and-white video layers her words over a stream of scenes from the Beyoncé visual album, which was released last year, and an understated score produced by MeLo-X. “We just wanted the music to be a sound bed for Beyoncé to get her thoughts out,” says MeLo-X, a 28-year-old Brooklyn-bred musician who has also produced the heavily looped Yoncé-x remix EP, the interludes to last summer’s On The Run Tour, and more. The union was meant to be: even before Beyoncé discovered the DJ, MeLo-X had named his dog Sasha in honor of the super star’s alter ego, Sasha Fierce.

Listen in to his sounds, and Beyoncé’s thoughts, here: