Zebra Katz’s New Release

The musician behind Zebra Katz talks about the music video for BLK Diamond.

Zebra Katz BLK Diamond

The video for Zebra Katz’s “Ima Read” resembled a Japanese horror flick and his “Last Name Katz” included a girl having a bad psychedelic trip during a night on the town. Now, for his Nu Renegade EP, the 28-year-old New York rapper is releasing a new six-part string of dark films. For “BLK Diamond,” a song featuring London-based producer Leila, Katz is waterboarded in a wintery Icelandic landscape. In another film, a black horse runs across the screen while Katz sings: “like a black diamond under pressure loaded up be my refresher.” “I’m still unsure where it comes from,” Katz says of this loaded imagery. “I think most see my world as dark and twisted because they’re only looking through a peep-hole. I haven’t fully let my audience in the door yet.”

Watch the video here: