Audrey Nuna Explores ASMR

by Wmag

New Jersey has always featured prominently in the musician Audrey Nuna's R&B-inflected pop music. After all, it's her hometown, and a source of inspiration—even if that inspiration stems from total suburban ennui. It's also the place she recorded her latest album, "A Liquid Breakfast," which was released in May 2021 to critical acclaim. "I wanted to make something that was many things at once: pretty and ugly, nostalgic and futuristic, equally hard and beautiful, equally soft and loud," Nuna tells W in her ASMR interview. "It was about being lonely but also being liberated by being alone." Here, the musician tries her hand at autonomous sensory meridian response, rapping her own lyrics with a mouth full of pop rocks and telling the story behind Jack Harlow's feature on her track "Comic Sans."