6 New Skincare Masks to Hydrate, Rejuvenate, and Brighten

A man standing in a yellow dress and holding a yellow flower
Photographed by Tim Walker for W magazine

There are a multitude of masks promising to give your skin what it needs most these days: everlasting hydration, a more even tone, and a smoother, softer, line-free look. Thankfully, Zoom’s “camera off” option has made it much easier for us to multitask, and simultaneously, to try out some of the newest skincare-focused masks to hit the market. We’ve assembled below some of the latest and most promising gel, sheet, and clay masks packed with powerful ingredients to keep your skin at its best.

To Purify: This is the ideal mask for urban dwellers who long for clean, purified skin. Launched in mid-January, Environ’s Anti-Pollution mask was created as a skin purifier to fight off external pollutants as well as UV radiation and extreme temperatures—both of which can contribute to oxidative stress that shows up on your skin. To receive optimal benefits of the mask, use it twice a week.

For Radiance: A sheet mask that does not disappoint one bit—tightening, brightening, plumping, and rejuvenating skin in about 25 minutes. Along with the brand’s signature Olive Complex, this mask uses two principle fermentation derivatives to give skin “that limitless glow.” Yeast-derived ferments help smooth lines and soften skin while Japanese Rice Sake ferment helps brighten the complexion. As W editors have previously confirmed, this mask is a perfect pre-makeup step, as well as an instant skin pick-me-up.

For Fine Line and Wrinkle Treatment: This product is scientifically proven to deliver jaw-dropping results using skin-friendly, plant-derived fibers that provide the ultimate anti-aging formulations for smoother and firmer skin. Inspired by decades of Nobel Prize-winning iPS research, this technology for skincare has revolutionized our understanding of cells and the ways in which to help reverse cellular damage resulting from aging—by promoting Superoxide Dismutase 2 production with their uniquely formulated ingredients. (SOD2 Production essentially helps restore your skin’s ability to produce collagen at a more youthful level and prevent future wrinkles.) Decorté’s mask is also infused with okra extract, which is not only rich in skin-healing aminos, carotene, iron, and calcium, but also helps restore skin resilience. Other important ingredients that are noteworthy: hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid; the B-3 vitamin niacinamide, which helps to brighten skin as well as aid in collagen production; oryza sativa (rice germ oil) which contains a supercharged amount of healing vitamin E, and japonicus leaf extract, an ingredient that helps eliminate reactive oxygen within cells.

To Brighten and Reduce Inflammation: Developed in Switzerland by naturopathic doctor Nigma Talib, this treatment uses a bio cellulose (second skin effect) sheet mask to revitalize skin in 20 minutes. The formulation allows for the delivery of a potent combination of ingredients: marine collagen, prebiotics, a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (longer lasting, more absorbent into the skin), along with seaweed and edelweiss extracts. Ideal for anyone needing a reduction in skin inflammation, while helping to preserve the skin microbiomes, hydrating and evening out skin tone all in one go. Additional plus for skin: there’s a generous amount of serum in each pouch to provide leftover usage at bedtime for up to five nights. Use the mask once a week for effective and noticeable skin brightening.

For Skin Rejuvenation: Created by doctors at one of the premiere tissue engineering companies in Seoul, South Korea, the Purigenex Mask is the only Type 1 collagen mask on the market, penetrating deep into the skin without the use of injectables. It’s also created in a climate-controlled, refrigerated space where the mask’s post-production formulation is tested thoroughly for three weeks to ensure no bacteria, viral or fungal growth. The medical-grade patented formula was originally created to heal skin wounds and bone regeneration in South Korean hospitals; the mask is available this month for the first time as a direct-to-consumer product.

For Overnight Hydration: A rewarding last step for your nighttime skin routine, this leave-on mask will hydrate, rejuvenate, and shield your skin against external irritants while you sleep. The formulation is lightweight, gentle, and non-sticky, featuring a mixture of healing Centella Rx, Cicabond, and Jartbiome—proprietary derma complexes that provide skin a boosting blend of herbs, minerals, a moisturizing humectant, and a probiotic ferment to soothe skin with moisture.