The Best All-Natural Deodorants for Summer

Consider switching your antiperspirant for these clean, organic, plant-forward formulations.

Michelle Williams carrying a bouquet of flowers with her arms up
Michelle Williams photographed by Juergen Teller for W magazine.

Despite the stigmas behind visible sweat stains and showing up to a garden party in the dead of summer dripping with perspiration, the act of sweating is not only necessary, but beneficial for the body. When you perspire, your body is either regulating your temperature or secreting toxins. That said, however natural and valuable the act of sweating can be for your health, your social life is a different story. Most people look to either antiperspirant or deodorant to quell any offending smells or stains. Antiperspirant generally uses aluminum salts to stop sweat by blocking the underarm pores (where folks tend to sweat the most). Increasingly, health-conscious individuals are moving away from antiperspirants—sweating is, after all, essential for the body, and aluminum salt has been linked in certain studies to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. As time goes on and more information and research surfaces, most are becoming more mindful about what ingredients their bodies can absorb—and, as a result, prefer to veer on the cleanest side of things.

Deodorant, therefore, is a viable alternative to antiperspirant, especially when it comes to health concerns. It may not stop you from sweating, but it does mask any unpleasant odors. The direction of effective deodorants has been moving toward the use of natural alternatives for odor control, like baking soda (a small percentage of consumers might get irritation), essential oils (Tree Tree Oil is huge for use as an antiseptic for the underarms area), and plant extracts. Below, we’ve compiled our favorite natural yet super effective deodorants for you to consider to add to your beauty routine as summer begins to heat up.

Susanne Kaufmann’s unique deodorant utilizes active minerals to neutralize odor-forming bacteria without closing the underarm pores. This mineral-based, aluminum salt-free product contains healing and calming linden blossom extract. Glycerol, the other hero ingredient, helps keep skin moisturized and protected, while the menthol in the formulations’ peppermint essence helps cool skin and acts as natural antimicrobiome agent.

A beautifully enticing aroma in a gender-neutral spray-on deodorant, Aesop’s product is formulated with a blend of vetiver root, coriander seed, and zinc ricinoleate. The zinc salt in ricinoleic acid is a major fatty acid that is sourced from castor oil—it’s a natural odor-absorbing agent. The scents reduce and mask underarm odor effectively, evoking pleasing woodsy, earthy notes.

An aromatic, natural cream-to-powder deodorant that calls for convenient fingertip application. Here, superfine powdered botanicals including antimicrobial arrowroot and pure kaolin glide clear on the skin. Shea butter, meanwhile, hydrates the skin with the antiseptic powers of eucalyptus and peppermint. Distilled lavender and bergamot are a couple light notes that keep you smelling clean.

This natural deodorant uses Icelandic moss extract polysaccharides to deliver odor-neutralizing benefits as well as innate antifungal and antibacterial properties—while simultaneously soothing irritated areas of the underarms. The unique sage complex’s antimicrobial extracts also contain Glycyrrhizic acid, a mighty compound found in licorice extract that brightens and eliminates undesirable body odors. Coumarin and triglycerides extracted from tamanu seed oil also deliver additional anti inflammatory properties, ensuring optimum microbial skin balance.

Enveloped in a light, dreamy scent, (Holi) Stick N3 uses high-grade natural ingredients and feels light upon application. The nourishing balm hydrates the skin and, more importantly, keeps unwanted odors at bay. Soothing lavender and eucalyptus oils blend for a beautiful aroma while rich coconut and avocado oils help balance healthy flora. (Coconut flesh contains lauric acid, which helps calm dryness and restores the skin’s natural bacterial balance.) Avocado butter, beeswax, and castor oil, (which is produced by cold-pressing seeds from the Ricinus communis plant) also assist in quenching dry skin and reducing additional bacterial odors. N3 is Ecocert organic certified, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Evōlvetogether—the gender-neutral beauty brand known for sophisticated scents, eco-friendly ingredients, and sustainable packaging—has created a winner with Tulum, the super fresh scented deodorant that works exceptionally well to keep your body smelling clean. The plant-powered, water-based brew uses non-aluminum ingredients such as glycerin, tapioca, and a sugar-cane fermented enzyme that helps neutralize odors. As with all of Evōlvetogether’s products, 5 percent of proceeds go to Take 3 for the Sea, an organization that helps keep oceans clean.

Yes, a yoga apparel company can actually make a pretty stellar beauty brand, too. The latest addition to Alo’s beauty care lineup is this new deodorant, which features a soothing blend of powerful vitamin C, super antioxidant Amla, cleansing tea tree, odor-fighting probiotics, and hyaluronic acid to deliver long-lasting results with a sunny, citrus scent. The unisex, vegan, and cruelty-free formula is also free of any of baking soda, which can irritate some people.

Polyphenols have long been regarded as one of the most powerful antioxidants benefitting the brain and body. Utilizing the restorative powers of olive oil, luxury Greek olive oil brand Kosterina has launched a deodorant that reduces the odors associated with excess perspiration. Notes of lavender, lemon, and subtle hints of rosemary come together to soothe and protect your skin. Arrowroot powder is another hero ingredient in this formulation—incidentally, it also works as a beneficial sweat absorbent. Lastly, coconut oil is a gentle antibacterial that helps keep the underarm area clean and moisturized.

This is the first clean gel-to-powder deodorant using concentrated plant and mineral powder actives. Organic tapioca, non-GMO cornstarch, a small amount of natural baking soda, along with pure essential oils combine to effectively neutralize odor-causing bacteria and absorb any excess moisture. The formulation is designed without water and glides on silky smooth, then dries immediately into to a soft powder. It’s developed without aluminum, parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, or synthetic fragrances. All products are certified cruelty-free and created using ethical practices, and come in three scents: Ginger Grapefruit, Lavender Myrrh, and Palo Santo Blood Orange.

Eight simple ingredients make up this super clean and efficient underarm deodorant. Moisturizing shea butter, antibacterial jojoba ester and castor oil are three of those eight hero ingredients that work hard to keep your underarms free of bacteria, as well as soothed. The brand’s packaging is eco-conscious, using 100 percent biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable materials. To further protect the planet, the carbon-neutral brand has also partnered with OneTreePlanted.org—one tree is planted for every new Papr subscription.

This clear gel roll-on uses a distinctive 5 percent AHA mandelic and lactic Acid formulation that smooths out underarm bumps and calms the skin. Niacinamide is also added to assist with brightening areas darkened by waxing or scarred by shaving irritation, while witch hazel acts as a natural soothing agent. This deodorant is aluminum-free, using clean ingredients as well as packaged in a 100 percent recyclable glass bottle.

This long-lasting natural deodorant glides on clear while harnessing the detoxifying powers of charcoal, magnesium clay, and essential oil to neutralize odor at the very root. The all-natural formulation is free of aluminum and disruptive synthetics, vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainably packaged. An added bonus: the company’s studies found there was no detox period with this natural deodorant—an event that sometimes occurs when switching from the stronger aluminum deodorants and antiperspirants to natural ones.