The Best Brow Gels, Powders, and Pencils on the Market

Whether you’re into a natural, brushed-up look or going bold and filled-in, these are the best brow products for any look.

by Eleonore Condo, Tilden Bissell and Maryam Lieberman
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Though often overlooked as part of an everyday makeup routine, brows have an undeniable ability to frame the face. With infinite tutorials out there and tons of innovative new products on the market, there’s never been a better time to update the most underrated tool in your makeup bag: your brow pencil, gel, wax, balm or powder. Whether you’re naturally blessed with a full set that just needs a little taming, struggling with the aftermath from overzealous over plucking, or looking to do a bold, filled-in look, there’s something just for you (even glitter lovers!). From the lightest of clear gel from Espressoh (an Italian brand with low-key products we’re loving right now) to pigmented classics from Anastasia Beverly Hills and Glossier, here are our favorite tried and tested brow-shaping products.

The Best Overall

This workable pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills is loved by professional and amateur makeup artists alike for its ability to sculpt, shape, and fill in even the scantest brows.

The Best Clear Gel

This is far and away our favorite brow gel released to date. It holds a sculpted brow look perfectly without an overly weighted feel. Brand founder (and noted celebrity brow artist) Kristie Streicher’s proprietary blend of ingredients contains nourishing argan oil, protective red algae extract, and red clover extract, which stimulates hair growth.

The Best Tinted Gel

Brow Code’s smudge-resistant, sweat- and fade-proof product comes in a beautiful array of shades. These tinted brow colors glide on seamlessly and are infused with conditioning peptides that fill in sparse brows and help promote hair growth.

The Best Lid Primer and Base

This is a secret weapon for every major MUA from L.A. to London. They’ll typically use it all over the face, but especially the lids. Amazing Cosmetics’s Concealer is simple to apply, gives the ultimate clear canvas, and provides flawless coverage for eye makeup application prep. Tip: a little of this ultra-concentrated formulation goes a long way.

The Best Pencil to Enhance Your Arch

This is a superb tool to emphasize your eyebrow arch naturally while still giving your brows a fuller appearance—one which isn’t heavy or overdrawn. We love the wax, pencil, and powder consistency of Hourglass’s product here.

The Best for Detail Work

For an uber-natural look, focus on the short hairs at the front of your brow. Charlotte Tilbury’s tiny wand is terrific for feathering them out.

The Best Pomade

Glossier’s Boy Brow has been a beloved product since its launch for good reason. The lightweight tinted wax formula offers a soft hold and a not-too-intense wash of pigment.

The Best for Brow Growth

In 60 days, this vegan brow serum will deliver fuller and healthier eyebrows with the help of red clover stem cell extract and targeted biomimetic amino acid peptides. Use this product twice a day at the root of the brows for best results.

The Best for Lash Growth

An outstanding lash (and brow!) serum with three powerhouse ingredients: milk-based bioactive follicusan—which revitalizes the eyelash follicles—redensyl to assist in stronger-growing hair; and hibiscus, packed with antioxidants as well as vitamin C and vitamin A.

The Best for That Laminated Look

Refy’s wax/gel-hybrid has a unique formula and wand that help lay and sculpt your brows to dramatic effect.

The Best Fiber Gel

Sparse brows? Don’t worry—this gel from Milk Makeup is packed with hollow fibers to give your brows a natural-looking boost while adding a little extra color.

The Best Pencil Overall

This pencil provides the finest precision, yielding the most natural look for fuller brows. Available in twelve shades, the ultra-thin tip makes it idiot-proof—so you can draw the most natural-looking hair strokes and blend with the skill of a professional makeup artist.

The Best Waterproof

Looking for a classic pencil and brush combo that won’t budge even after a dip in the pool? This cult favorite from Benefit always does the job.

The Best Drugstore Option

The triangular tip on L’Oréal’s pencil helps guide the pigment up, creating a fuller, fluffier brow. The spoolie on the opposite side swiftly blends for an effortless look.

The Best Powder

It’s no mistake that Anastasia Beverly Hills makes a second appearance on this list—their powder duo will give you the fluffy, natural brows of your dreams in 11 inclusive shades.

For Extra Pop

After you’ve perfectly primped your brows, the best way to show them off is to highlight the arch of skin underneath them. Chantecaille’s pencil is a luminous, slightly-peach tone that adds just the right amount of highlight.

The Best for DIY False Lashes

If you’re looking for standout lashes to complement those flawless brows, this product should be your go-to. Lashify’s product is a favorite of celeb makeup artist James Molloy’s. “I like to use Lashify to create a little kitten flick at the outer corner of the eye,” Molloy tells W. “I use either the Lashify Amplify Gossamers for a gentle flick or the Plushy Tame, which has a lovely soft curl. I place one Gossamer in 10MM and two in the 12MM length at the outer corner.” The kit contains an application wand, three gossamer lash cartridges, dual-sided bonds in both clear and black, and silicone “wandoms” to slip over the wand to prevent lashes from sticking when fusing.

For a Party-Ready Look

If your brows are your favorite feature (same) why not go the extra mile and really spotlight them…with glitter. About-face’s glitter brow gel holds brows in place while adding some much-deserved sparkle.

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