The Best New Fragrances of 2022 (So Far)

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A person’s scent and what they choose as their fragrance is deeply personal. The senses are strong and how you decide to present your smell to others can be just as expressive as what you’re wearing. Your scent has the power to uplift and inspire your confidence; it can also reinforce memories of the past that you wish to hold dear. There are even some who value their personal fragrance so much that they won’t share the name of their perfume with others (you know who they are).

In this first month of the New Year, which always feels like an opportunity to forge hopeful new pathways for a renewed, healthy lifestyle, we’re more inclined to make changes—or, at least, commit to the resolutions we vowed to undertake on January 1. And on a superficial level, (ain’t nothing wrong with that) we are more likely to change our appearance to fit these new beginnings. As you embark on this new year, why not consider changing your signature scent to fit your new aspirations? We’re tracking the newest scents released in 2022 here, all of which will surely inspire and, more importantly, make a positive first impression and express your mood and personality before you even utter a hello to whomever is in the room.

Bulgari Le Gemme Orom

For those who prefer bolder scents, this aroma of leather and vanilla is a fetching unisex blend. The newly launched Bulgari scent is part of their Le Gemme fragrance repertoire, inspired by the labradorite gemstone, which is implanted in the bottle cap. The intense blend also uses natural oud wood, cedarwood, blonde suede, and sandalwood to enhance and lift the vanilla components.

Louis Vuitton City of Stars

Louis Vuitton’s latest olfactory tribute to the West Coast is City of Stars, an effervescent fragrance that pays homage to the captivating energy of Los Angeles. In collaboration with renowned artist Alex Israel, the scent contains an enticing floral and citrus blend that will appeal to those craving more upbeat and jovial evening blends. Citrus sourced from southern Italy (blood orange, lemon, red mandarin, bergamot, and lime) balances out tiaré flower, monoi oil, and sandalwood, which lend a muskier end note.

Guerlain Muguet Exceptional Piece

This intoxicating jasmine and rose combination is graceful, clean, and unmistakably French-chic. Guerlain’s third Muguet iteration from in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser is an enchanting scent for spring and summer, embodying all that is fresh, floral, and pleasing to the nose. The bottle is the creation of Parisian jewelry designer Francesco Truscelli, and features exquisite semi-precious stones and metals. The scent is not necessarily sweet, but incorporates the corolla flower into a simple, precise, and elegant blend.

Byredo De Los Santos

Byredo is always on the cutting edge of scent creativity—and this time is no different. Musky yet herbal, De Los Santos caters to those who prefer deeper aromas that still manage to stay fresh. Byredo’s newest fragrance is a tribute to the ceremonial scents of Dia de los Muertos, harmoniously blending garden green sage and earthy musk to give a serious but clean feel to the blend. The gender-neutral scent lightly smells of soft amber and iris toward the end notes.

Kindred Black x J. Hannah Drink Deep, Psyche

This scent is provocative, inviting, and very sensual—a fragrance reserved for a weekend holed up in a hotel room with your lover. The aroma elegantly captures the essence of Greek ambrosia; although on the deep side, it is still very delicate. This is not one of those over the top, sugary notes that screams across the room. Kindred Black’s latest release also comes in a beautiful sterling silver recyclable bottle designed in conjunction with the jewelry designer J. Hannah.

YSL Beauty Black Opium Illicit Green

If you’ve traditionally shied away from spicier, sweeter warm tones, you may want to reconsider—as this new YSL eau de parfum has a much fresher take. Their latest fragrance lifts the original Black Opium notes, but then also provides a nice, spicy jolt with the addition of sweet green mandarin front and center. It settles after the first hour with notes of vanilla, creamy fig, and coffee; lasts long, and is suitable for day or evening wear.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Love Pour Femme

Dolce & Gabbana has bottled the bright, passionate feeling of the Italian summer sun. Its latest perfume launch uses the original top notes of green apple and Calabria lemon from their original Light Blue scent, while the Italian Love Pour Femme element brings in a soft, woodsy feel with jasmine sambac, white rose, and soft layers of Vetiver and creamy sandalwood. It’s an upbeat and carefree scent perfect for oceanside vacations.

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Oui

This sweet and musky scent is a spicier rendering of Lancôme’s original floral scent, La Vie Est Belle. The limited release, Oui, contains interpretations of iris padilla, jasmine sambac and Turkish rose, while adding an inviting patchouli note that is sweetened with raspberry accord and ylang-ylang, which lends its own unique grounding factor. The scent can be worn day into evening—and because of the varied florals and spices notes, it’s a perfect scent to wear year-round as well.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian À la Rose Precious Elixirs

L’eau à la Rose rests on the skin delicately and beautifully, with breathtaking notes that utilize a medley of 800 damascena and centifolia roses. It feels like no expense was spared with this concoction, as the French perfumer gently rounded out the rose base with sweet pea accord, magnolia, and a mild hint of musk to ground the notes. This blend comes in a four-bottle roll-on application, making it ideal for travel—or just throwing it in your purse.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Satin Mood Precious Elixirs

Here’s another one of our favorites from Maison Francis Kurkdjian—a truly standout scent for those who love classic, chic perfumes. Its compelling elements radiate the kind of effortless European style you’d see at the Paris Ritz’s Bar Hemingway. The first olfactory element is the wood: an oud that’s sourced from the forests in Laos, giving a substantial yet still ultra-feminine depth to the fragrance. It’s not heavy by any means, and perfect if you’re looking for something sexy and chic for evening.

Ellis Brooklyn Sun Fruit

This sweet, fruity new scent from Ellis Brooklyn summons images of bursting sunshine and rainbows immediately upon application. Its upbeat aroma is best for the warmer spring and summer months. Fig, bergamot, jasmine, and vanilla come together in this gleeful concoction—but it’s the coconut note that makes it most appealing.

Decorté Kimono Sakura

If you’re drawn to softer fragrances but still want something alluring, this is a beautifully crafted perfume for you. Decorté’s limited-edition fragrance is light, fresh, and still sexy—an ode to the fragrant Japanese cherry blossom, which is often associated with the art of poetry, purity, and romance. The delicate spring fragrance utilizes rose essence with a top note of lychee (but it’s not overly sweet), followed by middle notes of cherry blossom, peony, and lily of the valley.

Tom Ford Beauty Soleil Brûlant

Citrus, spice, and all that entices seem to be exactly what Ford’s newest scent is all about. A sultry amber aroma blends with citrus to exude the unmistakable imagery of bronzed summer bodies basking under a warm, eternal sun. Hints of orange spice and black honey deepen the scent. Like many of Tom Ford’s scents, this one surely does not disappoint.

Neon Garden by Dries Van Noten

The innovative Belgian designer has crafted a line of ten unforgettably divine scents that take the olfactory experience to another level. Our favorite is Neon Garden—a fresh but serious scent in which mint and Iris become the standout notes, heightening the senses as they artfully play with the base notes of musk and Ambroxan. Neon Garden, as well as the rest of the collection from Van Noten’s new gender-fluid line, can be easily worn from daytime well into the night.

Tom Ford Beauty Rose d’Amalfi, from the Private Rose Garden Collection

A sublime rose scent that you will surely use frequently this spring and summer. Rose d’Amalfi, one of a three-part fragrance launch from Tom Ford Beauty’s Private Rose Garden Collection, is a light and powdery iteration that is playful, alluring, and, although it is on the lighter side, there is a confidence that goes with wearing this scent. Infused with Italian bergamot, it’s timeless and fresh.

Modern Vanilla Le Petit Skunk

This is a fragrance to consider if you’re going for a sexy and alluring vibe. Vetiver is fused with spicy cardamom, smoky Jasmine sambac, and carrot seed oil to uplift the senses and seduce—plus, Le Petit Skunk Parfum uses the science of olfactory healing in its exotic all-natural, sustainable oil blend. The fragrance promotes inner healing from the ingredient’s vibrational frequencies—specifically, to awaken your third eye (attention: yoga devotees)—and sets out to clear negativity and blockages while promoting creativity and intuition. Modern Vanilla also plants one tree for each sale to help reforest regions in California devastated by record-breaking wildfire seasons.

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Lily

The lily flower has a sweet, vibrant, floral rendition here that embodies all that is young, fresh, and energetic. It is the fifth fragrance to launch from Dolce & Gabbana’s Dolce line, fusing passion fruit and rose with a base of vanilla and sandalwood to give it a richer depth at the end notes. While the scent incorporates zesty citrus, the base of sandalwood and vanilla ground the end notes to give a more solid presence. The overall combination is an ultra-cheerful play on all that is floral and sugary.

Jo Malone London Rose & Magnolia Cologne

Jo Malone London’s timeless rose scent is paired with magnolia flower to give a gorgeous aroma that will undoubtedly become a one of the brand’s timeless classics. It’s floral without the excessive sweetness—clean but also a substantial amount of presence without being too overwhelming, either.

Narciso Rodriguez Musc Noir Rose

The rose scent here is sensual, carnal, and all grown up. Combining the intoxicating power of rose with a rich base of vanilla, leather, and patchouli, Narciso Rodriguez’s latest eau de parfum works for all four seasons, day or night. There is a soft note of pink peppercorn you’ll notice at the very end that adds an extra beautiful layer of depth.

Béatus Giverny Eau de Parfum

This uplifting unisex fragrance blends a floral bouquet surprisingly well with patchouli and vanilla base notes. It comes together softly, but with some depth at the end notes. The floral notes are inspired by the breathtaking gardens of Giverny, France, with top notes of bergamot, green apple, and blackcurrant, plus heart notes of jasmine, rose, and ylang-ylang. Giverny is one of six sustainably produced fragrances released by Béatus.

Estée Lauder Beautiful Magnolia Intense Eau de Parfum

Cheerful but still reserved and chic, the richness of magnolia is key here, steadied by bouquets of iris and rose for an ultra-fresh and colorful spring potion. The formulation uses oils extracts of mandarin, violet leaf absolute, and cardamom, which delicately blend with the magnolia flower to simulate the scent of fresh, early morning blooms. The center of the fragrance—iris, rose orange flower—gives the perfume a gentle, rounded sweetness that settles nicely on the skin with a cedarwood and patchouli base.

Oscar de la Renta Alibi

If blush was incorporated into a scent, this would certainly be it. Ideal for the spring and summer, this is a soft, wispy, sweet sent that sits on the skin beautifully. The standout notes that are most recognizable are peach and pear blossom, which harmonize cheerfully with mandarin, bergamot and peony. It’s light and airy—but grounded in the fainter top notes by a hint of amber.

Henry Rose Sheep’s Clothing

A clean yet musky rose aroma, Turkish rose fuses with hints of spicy pink peppercorn in Henry Rose’s second floral scent to debut this week, Sheep’s Clothing. It’s certainly floral, but elegantly so, and on the warmer side. There are comforting notes of warm amber woods that round out this delicate but deep scent.

Elorea Heaven

Inspired by centuries-old Korean scents, Heaven is part of a four-scent launch that honors the sacred four elements. Heaven is on the clean citrus and floral spectrum, echoing fresh and exuberant spring gardens. The rose notes synthesize crisply with green tea and a subtle vanilla to give it just a touch of warmth. This one’s ideal for those who prefer light, upbeat scents.

Snif Strawberry Moon

A flowing genderless scent drawing its olfactory expression from the vibrant Miami lifestyle and cityscapes, this not-overly-sweet strawberry note is balanced with citrus, bergamot, pink peppercorn, and leather. The result is a scent that is layered and fruity, but still smells on the crisp, cleaner side.

Celine Rimbaud

An olfactory masterpiece, this deeply personal scent created by Hedi Slimane drew inspiration from the passionate work of poet Arthur Rimbaud, who served as a constant literary influence for Slimane in his youth. The refined lavender notes are harvested from picturesque fields in Provence to provide soft, delicate overtones that are met with layered depths of the gentle and regal Iris flower. The genderless brew of elixirs exudes elegant simplicity and timeless sophistication.

Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle Mimosa

Aerin’s first fragrance of 2022 has managed to elevate the mimosa flower to absolute sophistication, with a fusion that is nothing short of jubilee. The scent draws inspiration from springtime in the French Riviera, encompassing the vibrant colors of the glorious architecture along the Cote d’Azur—not to mention the enchanting surrounding gardens of the region. Notes of tuberose, grapefruit, bergamot, and even hints of woodsy vetiver blend to evoke a sensual yet clean harmony.

Diptyque Eau Rose

This limited-edition collaboration with famed Los Angeles-based florist Maurice Harris is a delightful iteration of the classic rose scent, combining the smell of blooming green gardens with an effervescent mix of rose, chamomile, artichoke, and lychee. For rose perfume lovers, it’s a classic scent with just the right amount of fragrance, light enough to be worn during the day and substantial enough to be refreshed lightly well into the evening. For those preferring a clean, floral, and refined perfume, this might be your newest signature scent.

Telli Swift D’Telli

A bold and resplendent genderless fragrance that manifests excitement, adventure, and sensuality, this pleasingly fragrant potion—developed by designer and model Telli Swift—is rich with flavor but remains soft and magnetic at the same time. Top notes of red Mandarin and saffron are blended with Moroccan jasmine, sandalwood, and white musk. D’Telli is best for nights out on the town—or to an unforgettable, intimate dinner with lovers or friends.

Bvlgari Allegra Spettacolore

Bulgari’s first scent to launch this year has perfectly captured the feeling of joyous Italian festivities in an ultra-feminine fragrance that works beautifully for daytime and evening. This layered floral scent contains hints of citrus, but really veers more toward the powdery notes of the Spettacolore flower with blends of Iris as well. There is even a very light but noticeable candy scent that emerges at the end of the blend, giving it a feel of fashionable austerity and subtle sweetness.

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