The 5 Best Probiotics to Integrate Into Your Fall Wellness Regimen

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The words “immune system” have possibly been said and heard more in these last 36 months than over the past century. And now that summer has passed, fall has brought back not just colder weather, but flu season—amid the ongoing pandemic.

One of the most intelligent things to do to keep yourself healthy is to incorporate a daily probiotic into your wellness routine. Let’s also be frank: the benefits of having a healthy gut won’t just help your immune system protect you against viruses; a healthy microflora balance helps you feel good (optimal gut balance produces more serotonin and decreases depression and anxiety) and look good (you’re less likely to be bloated with a healthy gut, so you can crush it in an LBD this fall).

In anticipation of a season that will be sure to test our body and minds, we’ve highlighted some of the best probiotics to consider in these coming months so that you can feel (and look) your best.

What It Does: This powder supplement—which you can mix in water or smoothies—reduces occasional bloating, helps with digestive ailments, and keeps your friendly bacteria levels in check for mood and immunity.

Why Use It?: A soy free, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, paleo, and keto-friendly powder composition is perfect for any health nut with high standards looking for a probiotic to incorporate into their diet. The powder is also comprised of vegetarian enzymes and high-grade Sunfiber to further aid in proper digestion.

What It Does: Developed by holistic health expert Kimberly Snyder, these unique supplements are soil-based probiotics with pure strains grown and dried using an enhanced, natural process to strengthen your gut health. The pre and probiotic vegan formulation works to help indigestion, constipation, and improve overall immunity.

Why Use It?: It’s non-dairy, requires no refrigeration—which is super convenient for travel—and unlike many probiotic aids, Solluna’s products survive stomach acids to implant in the gut and work optimally. The prebiotic formulation further feeds the probiotic strains to multiply using Turkey Tail Mushroom, a powerful immunity-boosting prebiotic, and Chaga Mushroom, which is now a renowned, anti-aging superfood.

What It Does: An impressive prebiotic and probiotic supplement blend of high-grade ingredients (incorporating 15 billion spores) that assists in lessening bloating, easing digestive issues, and even helping with symptoms of IBS.

Why Use It?: This is a spore-based formulation (versus the usual live bacteria strains of other products), which not only makes it shelf-stable but also activates in the small intestines—essentially preventing any compromise or dying out. Using Bacillus Coagulan spores, this product protects the good bacteria strains that have been delivered in the small intestines and withstands effects of heat, oxygen, and stomach acid.

What It Does: This is a pre, pro, and post-biotic, all in one formula. It sets out to improve digestion and balancing good bacteria in the gut using prebiotics to feed the probiotics, which in turn ferment into post-biotics, resulting in balanced and highly functioning good bacteria which then strengthens the immunity, and helps with digestion and mood.

Why Use It?: It’s an all-in-one, shelf-stable, very reasonably priced product that only requires one capsule a day.

What It Does: Love Wellness’s probiotic capsule helps your gut and your skin by reducing acne, redness, and minimizing large pores through targeted ingredients.

Why Use It?: Love Wellness’s probiotic capsule specifically aims to clear up skin by restoring the connection of good gut health and healthy skin microbiomes using Bifidobacterium Longum BB536—a clinically tested strain of good gut bacteria that reduces acne—while improving skin that shows signs of dryness or redness. It also contains skin healing zinc and two proven acne-fighting ingredients, vitex and chaste berry tree.