Billie Eilish Says Her New Eilish No.2 Fragrance Is Perfect For “The Little Flirts”

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Billi Eilish smiling at one of her shows.

Billie Eilish’s second album, Happier Than Ever, more than managed to avoid the so-called “sophomore slump.” And her second fragrance is about to do the same. After debuting her first perfume, Eilish—a vanilla-scented gourmand—in 2021, the 20-year-old musician is preparing to release Eilish No.2. This time around, the musician wanted to create a scent that conveyed something a bit more sultry and intimate.

Eilish tells W she knew she had found the right aromatic mix when she wore it around a new special someone she was interested in.

The result is something spicier and woodsier then the original. Opening with notes of Italian bergamont and apple blossom, the scent soon gives way to whiffs of black pepper, papyrus, and poppy, over a base of palo santo, ebony, and a hint of musk. Naturally, it stay aways from the simple fruit-and-flower vibes one has come to expect from so many other celebrity fragrances.

Like the original, it comes bottled in a statuesque rendition of the singer’s own neck and clavicle—but this time, it’s coated in a slate gray. Fans can purchase the new scent starting in mid-November from for $72. Below, the artist walks us through what she wanted for the scent, and her go-to getting ready products.

After making your dream fragrance the first time around, what did you want to accomplish with Eilish No.2? Do you think they complement each other?

I wanted them to feel like they’re from the same family, but very different in themselves. I wanted them to feel not similar at all, while also feeling familiar, in a way.

Eilish was very cozy and very sitting-by-the-fireplace. It’s warm, and it’s amber-looking—this dark, soft, warm light. I wanted Eilish No.2 to be the opposite of that: cold and dark, but also make you feel very soft and tender, while also being sultry and sexy. I wanted it to be spicier and more gender-neutral, too.

What kind of experiences does this one bring up for you?

When we were home in July, I had a lot of new fragrances and I also had a bunch of new Eilish No.2 samples. So I was playing around. There were specific days when I was gonna go hang out with some new friends, and I was gonna go hang out with a person that I kind of was interested in. And I was like, “Ooh, how do I wanna smell?” Usually, the way I smell when I’m gonna go see a person that I’m interested in is such an important part of my choices.

I not only chose this specific one, it was one that I made. I’m not just going to use my products just because they’re my products. I’m gonna use them if I like them, and I’m not going to if I don’t. And so I wore it that whole week, seeing a person that I liked. And I was very stoked about it. I was like, wow, I really did what I needed to do. So I think Eilish No.2 really works if you’re trying to be a little flirt.

Courtesy of Billie Eilish Fragrances

In addition to putting on scents, do you have any other rituals that help you get ready or feel confident?

Lots of lotion. I really have been addicted to cuticle oil recently. What’s fun about cuticle oil is, that shit lasts. You smell like that cuticle oil for the entire day, I’ve noticed. Same with hand creams and lotions. I’ve used this one lotion for a couple years now, that I probably can’t even smell anymore because I wear it constantly throughout the day. But people who know me really well are always like, “Oh, this smells like you.” And I’m like, “Who knew?”

What are some of the other products that are always in your go-to bag?

Well, I carry with me, like, 30 perfumes at all times—which is definitely annoying for the security checkpoint people at the airport. But they can deal with it. They’re all smaller than three ounces, so I’m chill. But I carry many, many fragrances with me because I like to smell different everywhere with different people that I know. And I like to keep people on their toes about how I’m gonna smell.

I have many, many Aquaphors, lotions, hand creams, and cuticle oils. I always carry Neosporin and Band-Aids with me, because you never know when you’re gonna get a little cut. I always have Q-Tips and hydrogen peroxide, and maybe a candle. I’m like a mom.