Cardi B’s Latest Printed Hair Is Truly Next Level

Cardi B with red hair printed like a bandana
Photo by ExclusiveAccess/Shutterstock

When it comes to statement hairstyles, no one does it like Cardi B. For proof of that, look no further than the time she took logomania to the perfect level of extreme by printing her with the same design as her ensemble by Louis Vuitton. Two years later, the 29-year-old rapper has finally been upstaged—by none other than Cardi B herself. On Thursday night, she casually stepped onto the Dougie B’s “Shake It” music video with pin-straight red locks printed like a bandanna. Indeed, from a distance, you’d have thought she had draped one over her head.

How did Cardi achieve such a look? Hairstylist Elisha Michelle began by taking an originally platinum blonde full lace wig from the virgin hair company Kendra’s Boutique and dying it red. From the look of the similar wig listed on her website, Michelle next applied the paisley design with paint. (Hot tip: If you’ve ever wanted your hair to resemble, say, a bag of Cheeto’s, Michelle takes custom orders.) Celeb favorite Tokyo Stylez, who was also behind Cardi’s Louis Vuitton hair, took over what Kendra’s referred to as the “install” process from there.

Photo by ExclusiveAccess/Shutterstock

This being Cardi, she didn’t stop there. The rapper also went all out with white talon-like nails, matching the bra she wore beneath a vest in the same shade of red as her wig. She completed the look with a baggy pair of distressed jeans folded over so as to reveal her matching red underwear. Sorry, Dougie, but between all that, Cardi truly stole the show.

Photo by ExclusiveAccess/Shuttershock