The Face Mist That Changed My Whole Approach to Skincare

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hydrating Face Mist is a multipurpose product filled with soothing ingredients.

by Eleonore Condo

a bottle of Barbara Sturm's hydrating face mist against a blue background

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If I were to draw a timeline of my skincare journey, it would be bisected into BHFM (before hearing about facial mists) and AHFM (after hearing about facial mists). These delicate spritzes are so luxurious, so refreshing, so clean—the mere concept changed the way I treated my skin. BHFM, I washed my face with whatever I could find and didn’t even put moisturizer on. AHFM, I started using a cleanser that actually worked for my skin, exfoliating weekly, moisturizing with vigor and, it should go without saying, using a facial mist.

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hydrating Face Mist packs a punch. It’s formulated with hyaluronic acid, a humectant that helps skin hold onto moisture, and purslane, a plant rich in antioxidants, which help protect the skin from free radicals. Mists are often seen as an extra, unnecessary step in skincare, but they really are a multi-use powerhouse product. I love to use the Hydrating Face Mist to prep my skin before applying serums, refresh my face throughout the day, and on the rare occasions I get a sunburn, soothe irritation (Dr. Sturm’s formula also includes aloe vera). Mists are also able to perform a makeup magic trick. If you use powder foundation or blush, a spray of mist instantly transforms the effect from matte and cake-y to glowingly perfect.

Of course, not all mists are created equal, and a lot of what makes a good one has to do with the mechanics of the packaging. Mists in aerosol cans can be too fine, and within seconds, instead of dewy, you’re soaking wet. The Hydrating Face Mist’s spray is a perfect consistency, very fine without being aerosol fine, delivering an even coating of pleasantly unscented moisture.

The sleek bottle, the unbeatable, sensitive-skin-friendly formula, and the fact that it’s small enough to take on a plane—make Dr. Sturm’s mist a superlative product. It’s so good, in fact, that I might need to update my timeline with another marker: ABDBSHFM (after buying Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hydrating Facial Mist). If you’re embarking on a journey towards better skin, welcome to the rest of your life.