5 Essential End-of-Summer Skincare Tips

A woman lying in a field with flowers in front of her face on a bright sunny summer day
Photograph by Ryan McGinley for W magazine, 2012.

The final days of summer are here—and it’s during this precise time of year that we must come face-to-face with the effects of too much sun, salt, and sea on our skin. While the weather is still far too warm and sunny to consider resurfacing peels or lasers, there are several informed decisions you can make to alleviate the damage your skin has been through these past few months. Who better than veteran makeup artist, aesthetician, and Klur skincare founder Lesley Thornton to give us her skincare recommendations for summer’s end? The California native behind the vitamin-rich cult favorite Symmetry Fluid has always been an advocate for using clean ingredients in her celebrated line. Thornton’s skin philosophy is based on the principle that high-grade, gentle ingredients can still make a huge impact on skin’s improvement. Below, Thornton gives us a rundown of essential skin tips to consider for September.

Incorporate a facial or cream with vitamin E

Why: Summer pollution depletes levels of our natural vitamin E levels at the skin surface, using a cream or oil with Vitamin E will help to replenish this our skin's natural antioxidant.


Plan out where a retinol treatment will fit into a post-summer routine.

Why: Retinol takes 6-12 weeks to see a difference so planning your post summer routine will help with sticking with a formula despite not seeing a difference right away.


Get a humidifier for your home or office.

Why: Using a humidifier at home is an effective way to add moisture to the air which in turn helps keep skin hydration levels healthy.


If you don’t already have one, incorporate a cream or oil cleanser.

Why: Post-summer, most skin types tend to fluctuate due to environmental changes; it is good to have some barrier supportive options to prevent over cleansing with gels.


Add skin-supportive supplements to your diet: Omegas, vitamin D, and vitamin C.

Why: From the end of summer into fall, our skin is faced with fluctuating temperatures; it’s hot outside, then it’s chilly outdoors but heated indoors. This can deplete the skin of much-needed moisture. Taking vitamins and omegas help to condition our skin from the inside out.