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The Most Eye-Catching Beauty Looks from Euphoria Season Two

Euphoria Makeup
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If you’re watching Euphoria season two for another round of envelope-pushing makeup looks, you’ll have to look a little closer this time. The mind behind the HBO show’s headline-worthy makeup, Doniella Davy, told Us Weekly that this season, she’s describing the looks as “discoverable” as opposed to in-your-face.

“It’s not a repeat of season one,” she said, but instead “more refined and more subtle.” In fact, on Instagram, she referred to the season two makeup looks as “season one’s more introverted sister.” Of course, that doesn’t mean the show will be without its iconic glitter and eye liner. “There’s a steady ‘quiet’ to her, until she’s suddenly loud,” Davy said of the makeup. “She has her full glam moments but then switches to super minimalism.”

For the most part, Davy and her team ditched foundation this season for dewy, natural skin (with the exception of Alexa Demie’s Maddy who always goes all out with makeup). And while the bright colors and glitter that made Euphoria a mecca of beauty inspiration will be present, expect a bit more nuance in the looks shown week to week. But if you missed anything, don’t worry, we’re gathering up all of the best makeup moments from Euphoria season two.

Ep 8: Cassie’s Contrasting Look
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The Euphoria finale didn’t deliver many new makeup looks, but it did teach Cassie a lesson about karma. Her final look of the season, a sweet pink and blue moment to match her knit set, is nice, but it’s even better when combined with the bruises from her unavoidable fight with Maddy.

Ep 8: Maddy’s Revenge Wing
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Her ex-boyfriend may be dating her ex-best friend, but that doesn’t mean Maddy is going to let her makeup routine fall by the wayside. Extra points for surviving her fight with Cassie without a broken nail or hair out of place.

Ep 8: Jules’ Audience Liner

If you forgot Jules was a character in Euphoria, don’t worry, so did the show’s creator, Sam Levinson. Luckily, though, Davy did not and she provided one last subtle look for Jules this season.

Ep 7: Lexi’s Stage Makeup
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Everything is more dramatic in the theater, so it makes sense that Lexi’s Twiggy lashes from episode five would be amped up for the debut of her stage character.

Ep 7: Lexi by Maddy
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Almost everyone has gotten a chance to dress up as Maddy at some point this season, so why not Lexi?

Ep 7: Hallie, Marta, and Jade
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The entirety of episode seven is extremely meta as the narration moves between Lexi’s play and actual reality. The most self-referential part, however, has to be when we first get introduced to the characters of the play, caricatures of the cats we’ve come to know and love over two seasons. For this scene, Davy seemingly chose some of her most iconic looks for each character: Maddy’s wing, Kat’s cross-filled Halloween makeup from last season, and Cassie’s youthful glitter.

Ep 7: Cassie’s Nate’s Girlfriend Cosplay
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As Maddy says, Cassie “certainly looks the part” of Nate’s girlfriend. The second she becomes Nate’s girl, she begins to adopt more of Maddy into her beauty look—pin-straight hair, more dramatic (winged) makeup, and of course, the pre-owned TIffany necklace.

Ep 7: Jules’ Yellow Eyes
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Between the yellow lid and the shaded tear duct, a quick glance at Jules in this makeup look may leave some thinking she was simply feeling under the weather. It’s why many would avoid using such colors and techniques in the area. But Jules has a precedent of using avant-garde, out of the box shapes and colors in her makeup, and putting it in the context of her previous beauty portfolio makes it more digestible.

Ep 7: Cassie and Maddy Go Back to Season One
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This season’s looks, while still dramatic, are nowhere near at the level of the season one beauty. That’s what makes this flashback of Cassie and Maddy in some season one canon makeup all the more exciting. Maddy has evolved past this look now, but it’s still fun to reminisce.

Ep 6: Maddy’s Off Night Look
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Episode six was another dark one. Though not as strenuous to watch as episode five, it still found many of the characters in a bad place, trying to piece their lives together after the events of the dramatic night where Rue hit rock bottom and the truth came out. One of those struggling characters is Maddy, who spends episode six dealing with the aftermath of the news that her best friend was hooking up with her ex behind her back. Usually, when people are down about something so upsetting, and spending the night babysitting, they throw on some comfy clothes, slap on some moisturizer and realize that’s good enough. But not Maddy. Despite being sad, despite having no plans other than those with a kid, she puts on a full face of makeup. It’s a more subdued look for her, yes, but it includes the wing we rarely see her without.

Ep 6: Kat’s Neon Lids
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For someone with a “terminal illness,” Kat is looking pretty good. Maybe if she wanted to sell her story more, she should have toned down the makeup, though of course, that wouldn’t have been true to Kat. Instead, she swipes blue, green, and yellow eye shadow across her lids in order to end things with her boyfriend, providing great inspiration for your next night out look, but maybe not for your next breakup chat.

Ep 5: Lexi’s Twiggy-Style Lower Lashes
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Lexi isn’t as experimental with makeup compared to the other characters, so it makes sense that, once she finds a look she likes, she would stick to it. Following last week’s episode, Davy showed off Lexi’s makeup for Maddy’s birthday on Instagram, providing a closer look to the easily missed “downward turned more Twiggy style wing,” and it seems Lexi liked the look so much, she decided to try it again just a few days later.

Ep 5: Kat’s Full Blue Wing
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When Rue goes to the Howard house after escaping her mom’s car, it seems like she caught everyone who was there at a pretty casual moment. Casual isn’t in Kat’s vocabulary though, as proven by the intense blue wing she puts on to go hang at her friend’s house.

Ep 5: Maddy’s Pastel Lids
Courtesy of HBO

Maddy, meanwhile, did go for a more casual look while hanging out at the Howard’s house, though for her, casual still means a pastel blue-covered lid and red glossed lips. This could be the first time we see Maddy without a wing this season, but she really didn’t need it as she was shooting her own daggers with that gaze.

Ep 4: Jules’ Frida Kahlo
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Episode four opens up with a handful of pop culture references used to depict the apparent love between Rule and Jules. The Brokeback Mountain scene absolutely needs to become a full-length remake, but it was this recreation of Frida Kahlo’s “Self Portrait as a Tehuana” that stayed with us the most. The deep hues of Kahlo’s signature thick eyebrows and bold red lip work surprisingly well of Schafer, and bounce off her skin like one of Kahlo’s own paitings.

Ep 4: Jules’ Half Triple Liner
Courtesy of HBO

It looks like even Jules caught the Maddy liner bug, though, of course she had to put her own, subtle spin on it.

Ep 4: Cassie’s Sad Pink Eyes
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“When I spoke to Sam [Levinson] about his vision for Sydney, he wanted a lot of her looks to feel really anxious. That was a word he used,” Davy told W in a recent interview. “That meant wet-looking, dewy skin; flushed cheeks, and pinky blush tones on the eye.”

Davy and Levinson’s vision for Cassie is never more clear than in episode four, when she truly hits rock bottom. “You see her anxiety, her sweat coming through the makeup looks,” Davy said. While Cassie tries to hard to always be sweet and pretty, sometimes, her emotions just get the better of her.

Ep 4: Kat’s Blue Liner
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While Kat’s makeup looks were a major part of season one, this time around we have seen less of what she has to offer. Davy did make up for it, though, with the character’s look for Maddy’s birthday party. Though Kat is feeling low about her relationship, her makeup is still extremely bright and exciting, with the bold red lip and glittering blue liner. It’s clear through the way she is presenting herself that she’s not yet ready to face what is really wrong.

Ep 3: Jules’ Abstract Slime
Courtesy of HBO

In a recent Instagram post, Davy expressed her love for working with Hunter Schafer because they “get to make quick and intuitive decisions together” that end up surprising her in “the best way.” This look was most likely a result of one of those decisions. There isn’t really anything scientific to it like Maddy’s makeup, which is, in contrast, always so precise. Jules’ look, on the other hand, is made up of splotches of green that play off of the hue of her pants. The result is a cool girl style that fits Schafer’s character perfectly.

Ep 3: More White Whiskers
Eddy Chen/HBO

This season, Jules’ makeup has been filled with abstract subtlety, and this is the second time we have seen her with this white whisker liner, though last time, it sprung from her lower lashes. Well, according to Davy, the new look doesn’t mean she’s trying to blend in, she’s just “protecting herself a little bit.” And apparently, we will see these whiskers once more this season.

Ep 3: Lexi’s Red Lips
Eddy Chen/HBO

Finally, little Lexi enters the makeup game. It’s clear this season is going to be a big one for Cassie’s little sis, so it’s fitting that she would take this time to start experimenting with makeup a little more. It shows she is getting more confident in herself, strong enough to rock a bold red lip to school. The subtle wing is also noteworthy considering in the world of Euphoria, Maddy is the queen of wings. It’s possible, that by trying out this look, Lexi is imitating one of the most confident people she knows in her sister’s best friend.

Ep 3: Cassie’s Pink Wing
Courtesy of HBO

A good chunk of the third episode is dedicated to Cassie trying out different looks in order to impress Nate. The first few are classic Cassie—girl next door with a twist—but day three brings a little something different. The pink has a little edge to it, but the subtlety and color still makes it decidedly Cassie. It’s also interesting how the shape of the eye makeup mimics that of her look from New Year’s Eve, the first time she got together with Nate.

Ep 3: Cassie’s Maddy Cosplay
Courtesy of HBO

It’s not long until Cassie realizes the way to get Nate’s attention look like Maddy. Now, Cassie is just like every other girl on TikTok, trying to recreate Maddy’s sparkling wing and perfectly placed baby hairs.

Ep 3: Cassie’s Dolly Era
Eddy Chen/HBO

If there’s one beauty look we were waiting for this season, it’s this one and it did not disappoint. Everyone mistaking Cassie’s Nate-catching look as an Oklahoma! costume only to leave Cassie’s pale blue-dusted eyes filled with tears as she screams that she’s never been happier...iconic.

Ep 3: Maddy’s Double Liner
Eddy Chen/HBO

Episode three was fairly light on the Maddy content, but it did include this incredible double liner moment. In an episode when it seemed like multiple characters were trying to emulate Maddy’s look, she proved in just one scene that nothing beats the original.

Ep 2: Kat’s Ultraviolet Colors
Eddy Chen/HBO

Two episodes in and Kat has not disappointed when it comes to bringing the color—according to Davy, the neon is not going away anytime soon, as the character continues her self-acceptance journey.

“Kat continues experimenting with different looks this season, but in a way I didn’t expect,” Davy wrote on Instagram. “You’ll see that many of her looks involve a super clean lower lash line and bright colors. I interpreted this as Kat still being kind of new to wearing makeup, and still very much using it to help figure out who she wants to be.”

Ep 2: Maddy’s ‘90s Moments
Eddy Chen/HBO

Maddy loves a throwback makeup look, and she proved that again on episode two by going heavy on the lipliner and glimmering pastel eye shadow. Davy actually revealed on Instagram that if you’re liking Maddy’s look this season, you have Alexa Demie to thank, as the actress “took the lead” on Maddy’s beauty for round two.

“She came into the makeup trailer with established and well-thought out ideas for her looks, with her own character back stories,” Davy said. The result is “colors and textures in a more understated palette this season than we’re used to seeing on Maddy.” Obviously, though, the dramatic lip and sharp as nails eyeliner aren’t going anywhere.

Ep 2: Jules’ Subtle Moments
Courtesy of HBO.

Jules’ makeup has this incredible quality where at first glance, it looks as if she is completely bare-faced. Then, when you look closer, you see an unexpected detail you missed earlier. It might be white graphic eyeliner made to mimic under-eye lashes, or some simple graphic dots. Either way, Jules’ beauty always deserves a second look.

Ep 1: Maddy’s ‘00s Hip Hop Star
Eddy Chen/HBO

Of course we expected strong looks from Maddy this season, both in the realm of fashion and beauty, and so far, she hasn’t disappointed. Maddy shows up to the New Year’s Eve party in a custom dress from AKNA with matching gloves. She plays up the early aughts vibe with a haircomb headband, a dark, lined lip, and eyeliner so sharp, it may just poke Nate’s eyes out.

Ep 1: Jules’ Graphic Eyeliner
Eddy Chen/HBO

Jules’ NYE look is one of those “blink and you’ll miss it” creations by Davy. For a majority of the first episode, it looks like Jules may not even be wearing makeup, but when she spots Rue at the party across the fire pit, her face is suddenly lit up in detail. That’s when we see the amazing design of Jules’ liner and the subtle application of glitter on her lids.

Ep 1: Kat’s Vibrant Shadow

Kat didn’t get a ton of screen time in the season premiere, but luckily, Barbie Ferreira shared a closer look of her makeup on Instagram. There, we can see the rich colors Davy chose for Kat’s shadow.

Ep 1: Cassie’s Sloppy Glam
Courtesy of HBO

Episode one was rough for Cassie, so it’s fitting that her makeup is a bit rough around the edges as well. While her friends look like they went to a professional for their New Year’s makeup, Cassie looks like she put on her glitter liner and pink lip between her fourth and fifth shot. Still, the messy glitter has a cool apathetic vibe to it, which fits perfectly with Cassie’s story.

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