Euphoria’s 10 Boldest Beauty Looks

Euphoria Jules neon look.jpg

Dark, disturbing, and raw, HBO’s Euphoria has captured more than the zeitgeist of Gen Z on-screen—the show’s lead makeup artist, Doniella Davy, who’s previously worked on Barry Jenkins’s If Beale Street Could Talk and Moonlight, has created some of the most cohesive beauty identities seen on television. Creator Sam Levinson gave Davy carte blanche during the development of the looks; he wanted to see dynamic, expressive makeup on the entire cast rather than on one specific character. With influences ranging from VSCO and e-girls on Tik Tok and Instagram, ‘90s cult classics, and even Nina Simone, each character’s makeup is a visual language in and of itself—Zendaya’s glittering tear tracks, Hunter Schafer’s whimsical lids, Barbie Ferreira’s dominatrix-infused makeover, Alexa Demie’s razor-sharp liner, and Sydney Sweeney’s sweet girl next door all reflect their past and present turmoil. Whether you’ve been reading fan theories all week or are just getting caught up, take a look back at the best beauty on the show, here.

Rue’s Glittering Triangles
Courtesy of HBO.

Dubbed “sad clown” makeup by Davy—and the internet—Rue’s shimmering under-eye makeup is a recurring theme, challenging the notion of how addicts are depicted on screen.

Jules’ Watercolor Shadow
Courtesy of Doniella Davy.

Dreamy, technicolor makeup has been Jules’ calling card all season: from minimalist clouds to neon liner she is the most experimental on the show, but this painterly approach is some of Davy’s finest work.

Cassie’s True Romance
Courtesy of Doniella Davy.

As Alabama Whitman from True Romance, Cassie departs from her typical look of softly touseled waves, sultry shadow, and pink lips in lieu of a glittery aqua eye and red-orange lip.

Maddie’s Ombré Shadow
Courtesy of Doniella Davy.

Maddie’s laser-precise eyeliner is think-piece worthy in and of itself, but this cotton candy shadow accented with rhinestones is the perfect blend of bitter and sweet.

Jules’ Bold Shadow and Pink Extensions
Courtesy of HBO.

Jules makeup prominently features bright pops of pink throughout Season 1, but her almost red-rimmed eyes, black accents and magenta extensions in Episode 7 veer away from the softer tones earlier on.

Kat’s Thana from Ms. 45
Courtesy of Doniella Davy.

Upside down crosses, blood-red eyes, and boldly lined lips make Kat’s take on the vengeful spree killer come to life.

Maddie’s Iris from Taxi Driver
Courtesy of Doniella Davy.

While Iris “Easy” Steensma may seem like a questionable costume, there is no denying the impact of Maddie’s glitter-encrusted eyes and a glossy red lip, not to mention the parallels between the two characters.

Kat’s Moody Lipstick
Courtesy of HBO.

While Kat’s neon green shadow gets a lot of attention, her grungey purple lipstick, brown shadow and Ghost World-inspired hair shouldn’t be overlooked.

Jules as Juliet from Romeo + Juliet
Courtesy of Doniella Davy.

Doing Claire Danes justice, Jules’ graphic, gilded eye with hand-applied foil and rose gold accents elevate her angelic costume to new heights.

Lexi’s Bob Ross
Courtesy of Doniella Davy.

Bringing some levity to Episode 6, zoom in to see Maude Apatow’s colorful nails inspired by the painter.