I Put Glossier’s New Deodorant Through 2 Weeks of Workouts

Here’s what happened.

by Michelle Rostamian

Glossier's new deoderant
Courtesy of Glossier
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While I haven’t fully moved over to a non-toxic beauty routine, I’ve been teetering at the edge—especially when it comes to deodorants. The problem is, the switch usually involves a pretty unpleasant detox process, and I haven’t found a formula good enough to warrant making such a drastic change.

Until now. Glossier, the beauty brand that led a resurgence of minimal, Millennial-pink products focusing on healthy skin first, has moved into a whole new cosmetics category with its latest launch: deodorant. Glossier’s deodorant replaces traditional ingredients (including aluminum, baking soda, acids, and water, all of which can dry out your pits, cause irritation, and wreak havoc on the skin’s pH level), with potato starch and magnesium hydroxide, along with elderberry extract and coconut oil to keep the underarms hydrated.

Would this deodorant gain a spot in Glossier’s trophy case of wildly popular hero products, like the Boy Brow eyebrow gel, or Cloud Paint tint? And more importantly, does the deodorant actually work? I wanted to put it through the wringer, so I picked up a stick in the Sandstone scent (The Glossier Deodorant is available in three fragrances, including an Unscented version). And for the past two weeks, I’ve been swiping it on right before working out. Each and every time I’ve used it, whether ahead of a Pilates class or a weight training session, I’ve been impressed with how it glides onto my underarms like butter. It goes on invisible, doesn’t feel chalky, and, best of all, is refillable; when you’re done with the stick, simply recycle it and pop in a new refill. It also takes up less room in my makeup pouch than a traditional deodorant, making traveling and toting it around in my workout bag a lot easier.

As for how well this product held up during my workouts: it successfully passed the sniff test. Not only did it mask any trace of odor, but the scent I chose lingers throughout the day, even after an intense round of cardio. (If you’re the type who prefers a more subdued scent, definitely go the Unscented route—but personally, I enjoyed catching sporadic whiffs of sandalwood throughout my day.) I still felt slightly damp which made sense: this is a deodorant meant to reduce odors, not an antiperspirant to inhibit sweating. Still, the wetness was nowhere near as troublesome as some of the other natural deodorants I’ve tried (where, admittedly, I felt like I had puddles under my armpits by noon). I was also thrilled not to experience any sweat stains or white transfer on my workout clothes, which is typically a major issue I face with traditional deodorants. Finally, I can take another step on my non-toxic beauty journey.