Finally, an Expensive Serum That Has Truly Changed My Skin

Guerlain’s Double R Serum is the best I’ve ever used, hands down.

Product photo of Guerlain Abeille Royale Double R Renew & Repair Advanced Serum on a gold background...
Product photo courtesy of Guerlain; image treatment by Ashley Peña.

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I have always been a sucker for good beauty products—especially those falling under the “luxury” category. I’m exactly the kind of customer these high-end brands are looking to ensnare: easily swayed by a moisturizer, eye cream, or body oil that comes in chic packaging and promises to change my life through some niche ingredient or brand-new formulation. Too often, I find that I’ll buy the thing, use it, and find out it only works so-so. When I heard about Guerlain’s new Double R serum—a smoothing, brightening, and tightening cocktail that lifts the skin and is the latest release from the label’s Abeille Royale line—I was excited to try it. But I was also, of course, a bit hesitant, especially since I have been consistently underwhelmed by products that have come highly regarded in the past. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised with this one. After using it for a few weeks, I can safely say: Finally, an expensive serum I can get behind.

Like I said, I love a good bottle—and this one is the epitome of luxe meeting function. Guerlain’s Double R serum features a double canister, so each precious ingredient is preserved separately. One side, which holds the white honey concentrate, focuses on radiance; while the other, containing resurfacing AHAs and PHAs, zeroes in on lifting the skin. (The entire Abeille Royale line uses the power of honey and royal jellies in its products, and Double R features a new kind of technology supporting the natural properties in honey.) But once you give the bottle a pump, the two sides merge and work their magic as you massage it into your skin. The smell is rather fragrant, but disappears quickly after application, unlike many other serums I have tried, whose potent scents tend to linger throughout the day. A big selling point for this product appears to be pore minimization. While I personally haven’t noticed a huge change in my pores (admittedly, I’ve never really had large pores), I truly feel like my skin looks the best it ever has after using this product. It’s tighter, firmer, smoother, and more luminous. Another surprising effect: my face now absorbs other lotions with more ease and efficacy.

I am no scientist, but I have tried my fair share of face serums over the years, and this one certainly stands out. Upon application, I feel immediately hydrated and luminous; not to mention, it layers extremely well under other products. It sinks into the face without sitting heavily on top, but it doesn’t completely disappear to the point where I feel like I’ve just splashed some water on my face. It is the perfect base layer for any skin care regimen—so much so that I even second-guessed writing this post, since I wanted to keep this incredibly effective serum my little secret. But I’ve decided to spread the gospel, because it’s that good. Worth every precious penny, I’ll be using Guerlain’s Double R throughout the remainder of the summer, until I can get my hands on another bottle.