Lady Gaga Goes Scientist-Chic While Promoting Haus Lab’s Relaunch

Lady Gaga in front of a Haus Labs display at a store

Lady Gaga is back in business mode as she goes in promotion overdrive to support the relaunch of her beauty brand, Haus Labs by Lady Gaga. Previously known as Haus Laboratories, an Amazon exclusive line that launched back in 2019, the brand has now completely rebranded as “clean,” and Gaga is doing the work to get the news out there. So, on Thursday, the singer-turned-beauty-mogul put on her best white suit (because a real lab coat would be drab, but a white blazer is close enough) and a pair of her black pleaser heels (as scientists wear), to take a trip to her local Sephora, where Haus Labs is officially on sale.

The new line places a much bigger emphasis on the beneficial ingredients in the products. According to Gaga, 2,700 “dirty” ingredients were removed during the rebranding process, replaced with beneficial ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vegan collagen. The brand still puts an emphasis on artistry, as it did before, but now without the need to compromise your skin or the planet. “So you're getting that high performance and high pigment payoff,” Gaga told Elle. “You're also getting makeup that makes a difference in your skin."

Gaga’s goal with the new line is to “change your perception of what clean makeup can be.” Often clean makeup comes with the image of a fresh face, but Gaga is proving clean can also go hand-in-hand with bold. Any Gaga-endorsed makeup line is going to be bright and Haus Labs fits that bill, with pigment paints available in 20 shades, 18 shades of eyeliners, various lip crayons, and more. It’s safe to say, Dr. Gaga has done it again. Haus Labs is now available to shop at Sephora and online.