The Best New Fragrances of 2021 (So Far)

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Photo by James Leynse/Corbis via Getty Images

Deciding on a new fragrance has always been a deeply personal choice. There are, of course, several elements that come into play when selecting a scent you love. The nostalgia component when choosing certain notes factors in greatly—and we’ve all learned that fragrance usually needs an hour or two to settle onto your skin to properly smell the way it’s intended to, based on your personal body chemistry. If you’re thinking of changing up your scent in the New Year, there’s never been a better time than these first few months of 2021. Below, we’ve put together a handful of some of the chicest, newest fragrances to launch—from sexy and musky to fresh and floral—from some of the most renowned fashion and beauty houses.


Warm, sexy, and layered, Lancôme’s newest fragrance launch from this past April uses three stronger notes of jasmine, orange blossom, and ylang ylang, plus vanilla and a sprinkle of coconut accord to give it a creamy, sweet scent. Iris and patchouli are also added into the composition to give the textured notes a calming but celebratory feel—perfect for evenings in and out on the town.


Krigler, the old-school fragrance brand beloved by the elite European jet set for decades, has just launched Eau de Parfum #67, an aromatic, spring-fresh citrus scent with notes of lemon, mandarin grapefruit, sage ,and lavender. The soft scent gives off an invigorating, fruity but not-too-sweet vibe that works well for mornings and late, breezy afternoons.


Happy and uplifting, Louis Vuitton’s newest fragrance—which launched this month—has managed to capture the whimsical scents and feels of a sunny day at the beach, utilizing an array of yuzu and neroli notes balanced with hints of citrus as well as more profound floral backdrops. Multimedia artist Alex Israel designed the bottle and packaging—with the local beaches of his hometown in Los Angeles as his inspiration.


Giving off chic Malibu vibes with its light scent, Windows Down reminds you of all the women who look fabulous effortlessly, using simplicity and good taste. Henry Rose’s latest fragrance—launched this month—utilizes soft notes of grapefruit, bergamot, and a hint of Earl Grey tea for a casual yet graceful perfume. This works as a versatile fragrance from day well into those summer nights.


This newly launched scent certainly lives up to its namesake—with visions of carousing up and down the Italian Riviera being called to mind immediately upon application. Simply put, it’s an alluring, light, and clean scent; it won’t overwhelm the room you walk into. Instead, it lingers nicely on the skin in a gentle manner.


If cashmere had a signature scent, this sweet but not all-over-the-place scent would be it. Launched earlier this spring, it’s calm and surprisingly sophisticated for a fragrance on the sugary side with subtle notes of pink pepper, dark rum, and a luxuriously refined overall scent.


Launched this spring, fashion designer Pamella Roland’s first foray into fragrance is a sweet scent inspired by her grandmother’s rose garden. The floral notes are as strong as the candied tones, to give an overall cheery, and upbeat scent.


Celebrated perfumer Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Aqua Celestia cologne forte is one of three newly launched scents this May. All fresh and unique, Aqua Celestia stands out with citrusy and fragrant floral base notes using bergamot, black currant, Egyptian jasmine, and French mimosa which give a light citrus scent that denotes a cheery, happy impression.


Ideal for anyone wanting a refreshing scent that manifests “clean” without any overbearing sweet notes. Just launched this April, Orange Peel is one of five limited scents from Jo Malone London’s Marmalade Collection—which uses three consistent notes of orange peel, orange bigarade and cashmere wood, to bring together a sophisticated fragrance.


If refinement had a scent, this would be it. Blackcurrant nectar is the signature scent note, along with Turkish Isparta Rose—which provides an uplifting smell. This latest fragrance from Armani’s Sí line also contains subtle hints of patchouli, benzoin resin, and vanilla for warmth and to even out all of the different notes. We liked this one especially because while it was sweet, it wasn’t overpowering. Sí Intense launches on February 9; $126 for 3.4 oz.


Sexy, light, and musky, Tom Ford’s Tubéreuse Nue is the latest scent debuting from his Private Blend Fragrance line. The base of the fragrance is the Tuberose flower, which historically has earned the sobriquet “Mistress of the Night” since it requires nocturnal pollinators in order to bloom. Floral scents of Jasmine are blended with hints of pepper and patchouli to give the scent an edge at the very end. This fragrance is best suited for sexy evenings out. Tubéreuse Nue launches Feb. 1; $350 for 50 ml,


Fresh with floral and citrus tones, this limited-edition fragrance by Aerin is a twist on their best-selling Mediterranean Honeysuckle. Using vibrant tones of Honeysuckle, Tuberose and Miel de Provence (yes, honey—but it’s not overly sweet) the result is a clean and tasteful fragrance that works day, night, and frankly all year, regardless of the season. $135,


Izia la Nuit, which launches February 1, unequivocally smells like rich woman. This is a bold, woodsy evening scent that contains rose, vanilla, and leathery notes—super chic and strong when first applied, then scent gradually lingers and settles softly with a mild hint of patchouli. Inspired by Sisley founder Isabelle D’Ornano’s own garden of roses, this is an ideal fragrance for evenings out and dressed to the nines. $195 for 50 ml,


Available since January, this Louis Vuitton scent feels and smells soft and willowy. If your goal with perfume is not only to uplift the senses but smell completely unique, then Louis Vuitton has nailed it for you. It’s subtle but dreamy, using as its base the Osmanthus flower from the Far East, a flower perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud has adored since his early childhood years. The second strong element to the scent is Magnolia along with notes of apricot, cassis and even a hint of strawberry. $265,


Amazing Grace Jasmine is a fresh, clean, cheery scent—released in January, this is a definite mood upper. Jasmine, the strongest note here, is blended with coconut water to give it a sweet edge. Bergamot and musk are faintly added. The scent is fresh but also warm at the very end. If your fragrance tastes are more on the clean and sweet side, this is an ideal perfume to take you all the way through summer. $52,


Releasing February 3, Vanilla Woods, in a nutshell, smells like dessert. It’s a perfume oil that is made with an all-natural base of organic Jojoba oil and organic, fair-trade Madagascar vanilla, hints of pear, rose, and even soft caramel. The fragrance has a beautiful, playful, daytime feel to it. $79.


This smells exactly like something Lady Daphne of Bridgerton would wear. This scent is a velvety interpretation of rose and peony and even subtle tones of pear and lychee. The scent has a base note of vetiver which also gives it a bit of a smoky, nutty scent. It’s a refined, ultra-feminine scent to be worn throughout the day. $295,