This Chic Bar Soap Will Transport You to the Bathhouse

Bar soap often gets a bad reputation for being boring, with the last sliver often left languishing in your soap dish or shower caddy. However, as a diehard bath person who probably spends a little too much on overpriced salts and soaks, the utility of a good bar of soap shouldn’t be overlooked. Enter Redoux, touted as “vegan skincare with sophisticated scents”, with the ability to make an unassuming bar of soap a chic, sensory experience. Since its founding in 2019 by Asia Grant and Alejandro Cuevas, the brand’s original Turmeric Botanical Bar has become a cult classic, picking up accolades from the New York Times, Vogue, and of course, W. Where the brand’s first soap was a spicy citrus scent that brings to mind images of hot summer nights, its newer offering, Bathhouse Spirulina Bar, is more akin to fresh running water and mountain mists.

Grant says “this new scent is about respecting that anyone can be going through a hard time and knowing that self-care—specifically a bath—will always be an area of solace and a space for regrowth. Bathhouse pays homage to this specific ritual, and acts as a reminder for people to find space to idle in calm.” This product is packed with spirulina, known for its antioxidant benefits, brightening effects, and moisturizing properties, and rice milk, which has traditionally been used for fighting inflammation, brightening, and decreasing the appearance of aging thanks to its high concentration of vitamins B and E and antioxidants. A nourishing blend of shea, castor, and safflower oils round out the formula. In addition to promising glowing skin, the bar is also a delicate shade of pale green, making it a beautiful as well as practical addition to your routine. And then there’s the scent profile—crisp, herbal, and refreshing with a mix of ylang-ylang, palmarosa, narrow leaf eucalyptus, and French lavender. While going to a real bathhouse is becoming a reality, Redoux’s bar provides a moment of oasis away from an already quickening world, without ever leaving your own tub.