This One-Minute Enzyme Mask Is the Caviar of Skincare

Leave this gentle mask on your face for no more than 60 seconds—because, really, that’s all you need to end up with some seriously gorgeous skin.

by Michelle Rostamian

A bottle of Sisley’s enzyme mask
Courtesy of Sisley Paris. Treatment by Ashley Peña.
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If you’re a beauty aficionado who appreciates the finer things in life, I’m willing to bet you’re familiar with Sisley Paris. How could you not be? The family-owned French skincare brand has long been regarded as a premiere label—whose powerful, plant-based products reap real results. The Exfoliating Enzyme Mask, which I have deemed the Caviar of Skincare, is just one of those standout products. I was introduced to this wonder mask during a press event, where samples were administered on attendees’ hands. I was so impressed with how it softened that area of my skin, I couldn’t wait to get home and see what it could do for my face.

I soon found out this isn’t your average face mask. It comes in powder form (kudos for being travel-friendly), and relies on enzymes for a deep—and non-irritating—exfoliation. Typical exfoliating masks use AHAs and/or BHAs to slough off dead skin cells, which can irritate sensitive, redness-prone skin (like mine). This mask, however, nixes the need for often-harsh acids and proves that you can get the job done (and then some) with enzymes like papain and vitamins like niacinamide.

It’s pretty simple to use as well: Pour out a marble-size amount of powder into one of your palms and mix it with some water. (I like to run water over one hand and let the droplets drip from my fingers into the powder-filled hand; this ensures a correct ratio of one-part powder to two-parts water.) Then, I rub my palms together until I get a slightly creamy mixture and apply one even layer to my whole face. The brand recommends leaving this mask on for no more than one minute before rinsing, and really, that’s all you need to end up with some seriously gorgeous skin.

Every single time I use this mask, I feel like I just walked out of a HydraFacial treatment. And even though one bottle costs $135, the price tag is worth it, considering I can get facial-worthy results without having to visit my aesthetician. An additional plus: because this mask gently rids you of dead skin cells, it’s the ideal formula to prep your skin before using other, more targeted masks. My skin is exceptionally illuminated, smooth, and even—and the rest of my skincare and makeup products glide on like butter thereafter. It even makes the foundation on my nose look good, which is a tough feat considering how dry this particular area of my face is. I also notice these results aren’t temporary—my skin stays smooth, soft, and radiant for the following two to three days.

While I’m hoping to visit one of Sisley’s renowned spas soon—whether it’s the 4,000-square-foot space in Paris or the swanky boutique in New York—this mask gives me a luxurious skincare treatment in the comfort of my own home.