Is The Ordinary’s Argireline Solution Really “Botox in a Bottle”?

Four W editors put the latest craze on TikTok to the test.

by Christina Holevas, Chanel Parks, Steph Eckardt and Rachel Pincus

Two doctors doing a botox treatment on a woman.
Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

TikTok has become prime proving ground for the biggest trends in beauty and skincare. And the latest craze comes from The Ordinary, a Deciem brand that prides itself on no-fuss, straightforward products that work. Skintokkers have posted countless videos singing the praises of Argireline Solution—a wrinkle-blasting, line-softening serum. Some users have gone so far as to dub the product “Botox in a bottle.” So does it really work? Four W editors tested it out, and gave their honest opinions.

Chanel Parks, Social Media Director

Did you have previous knowledge of the brand The Ordinary?

As a former beauty editor, The Ordinary has always been a brand on my radar. A lot of friends and family tell me they love the products, as they are affordable. The company also explains the roles of different skincare ingredients, which is helpful for customers who might not be as versed in skin lingo.

What was your experience using the Argireline Solution?

It’s been four weeks since I started using the Argireline serum. I apply it in the morning and at night. I made sure to follow the instructions closely, so after I cleanse, I apply a couple of drops to my forehead, in between my brows, and around the eyes. Then, I add my moisturizer on top. The texture is pretty runny so it was a little messy to apply in the beginning of use. Eventually, I got a handle on the solution after some practice. It feels fine on my face and there isn’t any drying or stickiness. Since it has a watery consistency, my moisturizer gets sort of slippery, but after a few pats, it’s all under control.

Did you see results in terms of softened lines, filled-in creases, and less wrinkles? Did you observe any other changes to your skin?

I don’t think this is the product that’s going to fill in lines; I have some almost unnoticeable lines on my forehead that didn’t go away. However, I do think it helps combat lines or wrinkles created during facial movement, such as an eyebrow raise or frown. I notice that my brows don’t appear as high on my forehead as usual, and the line in between my eyebrows only appears after I’ve stood in front of the mirror frowning for, like, a minute (I live alone, I need entertainment). But like I said, the frown line eventually shows up… so it’s not like this is keeping your face in place quite like real-deal Botox.

Would you use this product again?

Yeah, I would use it again, but I don’t think on a regular basis. I have a fear that it is actually slowly paralyzing my face (it’s not) so I’ll keep this handy for, I don’t know, a wedding, high school reunion, or me taking selfies one weekend out of boredom.

Stephanie Eckardt, Staff Writer

Have you heard of The Ordinary before?

I had never heard of The Ordinary, but from the moment I heard the product’s description, I was completely set on giving it a try. Whether it’s being extra self-conscious on the few occasions I see people IRL, not getting enough sleep, or simply getting older, I’ve lately grown very aware of the lines on my face. I’ve also been wanting Botox for years because I’ve heard it’s practically miraculous at preventing migraines, but actually getting it has always seemed a bit extreme.

Describe your experience using the Argireline Solution.

I used it mornings and nights for about three weeks—but it almost felt like I didn’t, because it was like putting water on my face. There was no type of burning or cooling sensation, nor really any odor. I loved not having my hands feel sticky after using it, and it immediately dried so I could put my moisturizer on quickly after. (A word of caution if you’re also clumsy: It’s so water-like that I lost a good deal of the product when I accidentally knocked the bottle over.)

Did it work?

My main concern was the lines on my forehead, which have become very visible when I raise my eyebrows. I was thrilled to find that they did seem to reduce a teeny bit after the first two weeks, though after I stopped using the product on a consistent twice-daily basis, the effect seemed to disappear. I didn’t notice any changes to the fine lines around my eyes, but I wasn’t expecting much of a change because those become more pronounced when I haven’t been getting enough sleep.

Would you use this product again?

Definitely; I’d like to continue experimenting with seeing any changes, especially since it’s super quick and simple and I didn’t notice any adverse effects. I also have no familiarity with retinol, so this seems like a good product to use before I endeavor to figure all that out. This doesn’t seem like the type of thing that could help with my migraines (which I have been blessedly free from over the past few weeks) but hey, when it comes to those, I’m willing to give anything a try.

Christina Holevas, Senior Accessories and Jewelry Editor

Have you used The Ordinary’s products (this one or otherwise) before?

Yes, I have used a couple of products from The Ordinary before, including the retinol and the caffeine solution. I love the simplicity of the brand—each product just has one focus. It’s nice and straightforward, and, of course, the prices are great.

Describe your experience using the Argireline Solution.

I have been using the Argireline Solution for about three weeks now. I put it on at night, which is when the bulk of my skincare routine tends to happen. (I didn’t use it every single night, but I will say *most* nights.) I actually oddly enjoyed the texture of it. It’s very light and watery, it barely feels like anything at all. I hate when products leave any kind of sticky residue on my skin, and I did not have that problem with the Argireline. It’s easy to layer.

Did you feel like you saw results?

I agreed to test this product blindly, before I knew much about it. When I received my bottle and read the instructions, I learned that the Argireline is meant to be used for signs of aging around the eyes and on the forehead. I am at the age where lines and wrinkles are becoming a concern, but my forehead and eyes are not a problem area just yet. Instead, I am obsessed with the smile lines around my mouth. I’ll admit that I cheated and tried the Argireline on my smile lines in addition to around my eyes and forehead (it’s all skin, right?). I can’t say that it made too much of a difference on the smile lines—probably because that isn’t what it’s meant to do.

This product is really made for the very specific purpose of treating eye-area and forehead wrinkles. It’s targeted—not a product for generalized aging skin. Since those lines aren’t a big problem for me yet, I don’t think I would use this product right now. I wouldn’t rule it out in the future, though.

Rachel Pincus, Visuals Editor

Had you heard of The Ordinary before?

I had heard about The Ordinary through friends, but had never actually tried it before. It was recommended to me as a dupe version of some of the serums I was already using—without the hefty price tag. In truth, said friends thought I was nuts for spending that much on the serum I’d been buying.

What was your experience using the Argireline Solution?

I used the solution for about two weeks. I tried different ways of using it during this window of time. I’m always a little wary of how exactly to layer solutions (mostly out of fear they will cancel each other out) so I tried it a few different ways. I used it in the morning by itself and then in the evening under a hyaluronic acid, then applied moisturizer over both. The texture was a bit watery, and didn’t feel quite as viscous as some of the other serums I’ve used, which made it a little difficult to spread evenly. Once applied, however, it was pretty much weightless.

Did the product work for you?

I would say in general it made my skin a bit plumper. I have pretty deep crows feet around my eyes, and while it didn’t entirely fill them in, it definitely softened them. It also left my entire face feeling smoother and my skin feeling bouncier and more supple.

Would you use this product again?

I would! I think this in combination with a strong retinol is a strong contender to push off Botox a little while longer.