Sydney Sweeney & Glen Powell's Chemistry Is Off The Charts In Anyone But You Trailer

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell in 'Anyone But You'
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“Let’s just tell everyone we’re together,” Sydney Sweeney’s character, Bea, says in the opening lines of the newly released Anyone But You trailer. “We’re at a wedding a million miles away from home. Who knows what could happen,” she later tells her flame, Ben (Glen Powell). If, unfortunately, you’re as entrenched in celebrity gossip as we are, you might be inclined to believe that these were actual words exchanged between the actors amidst their rumored, and much buzzed about, off-screen fling.

Back in April, fans were flustered (and slightly confused) when filming content leaked as it appeared they had translated their chemistry off-screen, too. There were family photos and videos of Powell twirling Sweeney in his arms—all of which were questionable since they are both in long-term relationships.

Even though Powell’s girlfriend, Gigi Paris, allegedly unfollowed Sweeney on Instagram amidst the mess, the actress later clarified that it might have all been for the sake of good ‘ol marketing—“It’s a romcom, that’s what people want! Glen and I don’t really care,” she said in August, her first comment on the situation.”

Although the project’s press tour was cut short due to the strike, we’ll let you be the judge as to whether Sweeney and Powell’s on-screen chemistry should receive the level of buzz their rumored romance caused. Below, here’s everything we know about Anyone But You.

What Is Anyone But You about?

The film, and first trailer, is centered around an on-and-off again couple, Bea and Ben, who loose attraction to one another after a great first date. Later, they find themselves conveniently reunited at a wedding in Australia where they decide to be a “fake” couple, because, why not?

The script is partially based off of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and marries the classic feel good romcom genre with the age-old enemies-to-lovers pipeline.

Who stars in Anyone But You?

While much of the film focuses around Sweeney and Powell, actors Alexandra Shipp, Bryan Brown, Darren Barnet, and Michelle Hurd, among others, will make appearances.

When will Anyone But You hit theaters?

Anyone But You hits theaters December 22.