Here Comes Aubrey Plaza in the White Lotus Season 2 Trailer

Aubrey Plaza with her arms crossed in 'The White Lotus' season 2
© Fabio Lovino

The White Lotus’s new guests are checking into the Sicily output in the first full-length trailer for the second season. And from what we’ve seen so far, Aubrey Plaza will be picking up the eye-rolling slack left by the absence season 1 star Sydney Sweeney. The 38-year-old actor’s character Harper seems to be the only one with a level head, and while we welcome her candor, her newly rich husband Ethan (Will Sharpe)’s friends are not amused. “Now that he’s loaded, do you think that he regrets marrying such a dud?,” a bro named Cameron (Theo James) asks his wife Daphne (Meghann Fay) as the trailer flashes to Harper.

Elsewhere in the resort, Harper is taking jabs right back at Cameron. “There’s a reason why they invited us here,” she tells Ethan. “It’s like you sold your company, you got rich, and now [Cameron]’s your best friend?” She can’t stand the couple, and even Ethan has to admit they can be insufferable when Daphne waffles on whether or not she ever made it to the voting booth. “I did!,” she insists, then hesitates. “Didn’t I?”

There are hints that Harper and Ethan’s marriage starts to get a bit rocky; Daphne tells Harper that she’s seen men change when they get rich, and we next see Harper wake up to discover him missing from their bed. If they do indeed have problems, they don’t appear to be nearly as bad as those of Jennifer Coolidge’s beloved Tanya, who’s convinced that her new husband Greg (Jon Gries) is having an affair. Meanwhile, there are bigger issues at hand: At some point during their stays, one of the guests ends up dead. Watch the below trailer to the very end to get a clue about whom. (Thankfully, Harper seems to have been spared.)