Bella Hadid Wants You To Know She’s Vaxxed, Actually

 Bella Hadid seen leaving her hotel and heading out for lunch on August 19, 2021 in London, England....
Neil Mockford/GC Images

The vaccination status of celebrities has been the hot topic of the moment after Nicki Minaj revealed ahead of the Met Gala on Monday that she wouldn’t be attending because she isn’t vaccinated—a requirement to go to the event. The announcement turned into a Twitter storm of misinformation (and memes) after the rapper divulged a little too much information about her cousin’s friend’s alleged side effects. Since then, a sort of witch hunt has commenced online as fans try to find out if other celebs who were absent from fashion’s biggest red carpet of the year missed the Gala for the same reason.

Enter: Bella Hadid, who has attended every Gala since 2015, but was not in attendance on Monday night. The Internet quickly assumed her situation mirrored Minaj’s—she didn’t go because she is not vaxed. Before the conversation got too out of hand, however, Hadid stepped in.

On Wednesday afternoon, the model posted a photo on her Instagram Stories of her getting a needle to the arm, a seeming confirmation that she is, in fact, vaccinated. “For anyone concerned,” she captioned the image.


The post has put many at ease, but it still leaves some questions unanswered. Pfizer or Moderna? Why did she take a picture? Is this the first dose or the second? Did she get the shot on August 6th despite the fact that most Americans became eligible for their first dose in April 2021? And most importantly, if she is fully vaccinated, why didn’t she attend the Met Gala? Then again, it is chic to skip a Met Gala from time to time. Just ask Beyoncé.