The 12 Best New Candles for a Cozy Fall Mood

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September will always be known as the month of new beginnings: back to school, back to work after a sun-drenched summer, and an overall sense of renewal tends to permeate the fall air each year. This time around, Venus is thankfully no longer in retrograde (good riddance to heartaches and misunderstandings!), presenting an opportunity for a major recalibration of your professional and personal life. To calm and relax you as you make your way back into a regimented schedule, why not try a chic scented candle at home or even in the office? There’s nothing quite like the cleansing scent of a citrus vetiver to refresh the energy of your living space. And what better way to mark these passages of time than by burning a candle with a cleansing/healing element, like palo santo or sage? We have fallen in love with 11 new candles that recently launched—and are perfect to usher in the cozy mood of the season.

Creative director Hedi Slimane describes Celine’s latest candle release as smelling of “psychedelic incense” while evoking “the electric dissonance of fuzz guitars.” Consider our interests piqued. This scent bears notes of rockrose, cedar, and birch, and also contains essential oil of incense. It’s luxe enough to make your cozy night at home feel like an indulgent, woodsy getaway.

You’ll want to save this candle for your most intimate evenings at home. The blissful meld of cognac and wild rose swirls around moss and peat, creating an intoxicating scent that will instantly win you over. The candle is encased in a sleek, black, glass vessel—and is one of three new candles to debut from the house of Alexander McQueen. While this product released during summer, we were all in agreement that there’s no better time than the start of fall to enjoy this aromatic symphony.

Diptyque has captured the look of the breathtaking plateaus in Colorado’s Mesa Verde National Park with a new, glass-encased, refillable candle from its Les Mondes de Diptyque collection. Notes of red cedar essence and burnt earth accord are an absolute delight for the senses here.

Aman Essentials—a luxury lifestyle brand and resort company—has tastefully crafted one of the most divine floral candles for fall. It feels clean and calm from the first burn; jubilant geranium flower and delicate rose harmonize nicely with a subtle sandalwood layer.

This one’s for dinner parties and other nighttime festivities. High Camp’s latest Bordeaux candle is an ode to the wine capital of the world, infusing an enticing combination of sandalwood, coffee, notes of oak barrels, vetiver, and a delicate final note of whimsical gardenia. The candle comes beautifully encased in a wine-colored, hand-painted glass vessel with hand-poured soy wax.

Forever stylish and a perfect gift for any occasion, Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s newest candle comes in a charming Limoges porcelain vessel bearing sketches of the Spanish cliffside. Inspired by the island Formentera, this fusion of notes is rich with fig, dry wood accord, and cedarwood oil.

The sophistication and timeless simplicity of East Coast style is captured perfectly with this candle. Green bouquets of grass are vibrant with a beautiful infusion of sage, cedar, and tonka bean—lending a charming scent to fill any room all season long.

This is a soft and totally gorgeous aroma. The savory aromatics of jasmine petals, pink pepper, and strawberry charm any room without overpowering the space with heavy fragrance. Malin + Goetz’s latest carries a very delicate hint of silky-sweet that veers more toward florals—so it can be used all year round.

The Garden is one of our favorite picks for bath time. Crafted with plants from Tata Harper’s lush organic farm, this scent contains fresh notes of rose, Roman chamomile, and violet leaf—lending a calming, floral vibe—while the overlay of patchouli heart gives the candle warmth. We especially love that the packaging here is made from 100 perecent recycled shoe boxes, and the candle composition uses 100 percent natural ingredients with no parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, carcinogens, or endocrine disruptors.

Palo santo and sage are synchronously mesmerizing and cozy in Byredo’s latest limited-edition candle, Sweet Grass. What better way to welcome the changing seasons into your living room or bedroom?

Herbal notes of salt, wood, patchouli, and citrus keep this clean luxury brand’s newest candle invigorating and not all over the place with redundant notes. It’s an ideal candle choice for those who want more of a cleaner, more verdant vibe rather than sweet florals. There are subdued coconut notes and golden amber here that provide just the right amount of warmth.

This is a divine yet subtle way to add charm to your fall table setting. These scented, tapered candlesticks come in a range of fragrances, but we find the jasmine to be the most timeless.

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