September Horoscope: After Months of Retrogrades, a Reprieve (Finally)

by Cole Prots

Illustration by Ashley Peña.

After a period of tension and stress that may have caused you to feel stagnant and not quite on track, September brings a refreshing astrological shift. We’ve got a few retrogrades wrapping up and one more starting—but overall, September exudes a relaxed vibe.

Let’s kick off the month with Venus going direct in Leo. This means those relationship troubles you’ve been facing might start to ease up a bit. With Venus moving direct, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on how we’ve been asserting ourselves in our relationships over the past few weeks. We should give ourselves permission to take more direct action, shine our light, and hold ourselves to the level of respect and integrity we truly deserve. As Venus concludes its retrograde phase, it’s important to ask who or what has triggered feelings of not being seen, validated, or celebrated lately. What can we do to avoid falling into habits or spaces where we don’t feel welcome to be our authentic selves?

Next up, Jupiter—the planet of good luck, opportunity, and joy—goes retrograde in Taurus. Don’t let the term “retrograde” scare you here; Jupiter is typically a benevolent force that rarely makes things tense or difficult. However, during its retrograde motion, we might encounter detours and a few bumps on our life journey. Jupiter retrograde offers a fantastic chance to ensure we’re on the right paths and not becoming complacent or stagnant in our personal growth. Jupiter also governs philosophy, wisdom, and faith. With Jupiter retrograding in Taurus, we’re collectively encouraged to have faith in ourselves and acknowledge our abilities in the tangible, material world. This transit calls for appreciating the little things that hold power in our lives and elevating them in our minds. Jupiter retrograde in Taurus slows us down, giving us the opportunity to introspect and discover what areas of life and material things bring us joy, aligning us with the pursuit of growth and the art of finding happiness in the present.

Lastly, the new and full moons this month provide us with a beautiful chance to adopt new, more effective day-to-day habits. It’s all about releasing those “I can’t” statements and embracing “I’ll try.” These lunar phases help shift our perspective and recognize what’s possible by taking practical, rational steps toward self-improvement. So, when reading your horoscope, don’t forget to check your sun, moon, and rising signs.

In summary, September carries a serene and easygoing energy that encourages us to worry less about our capabilities and instead focus on giving ourselves permission to shine and grow. Enjoy the cosmic ride this month!


Take some time for introspection and delve into your sense of personal achievement in September. Reflect on why you’re pursuing material success and worldly achievements. It’s not that wanting things or having goals is wrong; it’s about how you’re creating the space to chase your dreams in a purposeful and considerate manner.

The current astrological influences are urging you to invest your time in pursuing these material accomplishments with both passion and rationality. Ask yourself: Am I utilizing my resources wisely to chase the right opportunities and achievements, or am I merely going through the motions with a single-minded focus? It’s about finding that balance and ensuring your actions align with a broader, more intentional vision.


Taurus, you’re usually the champ when it comes to self-care, and you possess the incredible ability to create safe and nurturing physical spaces. As we move through September, here’s a challenge for you: take a moment to ponder whether the environments around you still align with your personal needs. Can you relax, drop your guard, and find peace within your home? How about your pursuit of pleasures, and your solitude? It’s crucial to merge your authentic self with your surroundings.

This month, consider whether your comfort zones and activities still resonate, or if it’s time for a little “home makeover,” so to speak. Ensuring that your identity is mirrored in your living space is of the utmost importance in September.


Gemini, you’re the ruler of communication, open-mindedness, and intellect. However, this month, I encourage you to approach each day with a constantly shifting perspective. Take the time to delve beneath the surface, exploring the thoughts and feelings you may not always share with everyone. Additionally, pay attention to the people in your life who contribute to your personal growth and well-being.

September offers a fantastic opportunity for you to shed your fears and anxieties about long-term goals and aspirations. Instead of fixating on what might happen, try being more present and pursue the opportunities that are readily available. Challenge yourself to understand why you’re apprehensive about moving from point A to point Z when there’s an entire alphabet of experiences waiting for you along the way.


This month is when you’re likely to experience some relief in your financial situation, making it a bit less stressful. It doesn’t mean all money-related anxiety will vanish overnight, but with Venus retrograde coming to an end, any stalled progress towards acquiring material goods should start to improve.

What I’d like you to contemplate is how your pursuit of material possessions aligns with your long-term goals and aspirations. This is an ideal time for conversations with people who offer different perspectives from your own. However, be cautious not to get trapped in endless introspection. Ask yourself if what you currently have still aligns with your desires, and if you’re open to exploring alternative viewpoints to determine if, perhaps, the grass is indeed greener on the other side.


It’s time to take a deep breath, relax, and let those shoulders drop. With Venus retrograde coming to an end, especially since it was in your sign, you’ve likely been doing a lot of introspection, reflection, and reconnecting with your true self.

In September, it’s crucial to ensure that the self-image you hold aligns with the image you project outwardly. Take responsibility for making sure that how the world perceives you and the opportunities you pursue are in sync with your self-perception and how others see you. Don’t be afraid of the changes you’ve gone through and how people might react to them. Understand that authenticity puts you in a position of power. How do you want to be remembered in this life? What steps can you take today to start leaving that mark?


Virgo, we’re just a few days into your season, and it’s worth noting that Mercury will be in retrograde for most of it. But fret not, because this month holds a fantastic opportunity for you to venture into different perspectives and challenge yourself to redefine your beliefs about the world and how you express those beliefs.

As you navigate this journey throughout the month, it’s all about gradually shedding any fears and anxieties you may have about being vulnerable, intimate, and sharing your deepest truths. This process is closely linked to maintaining a more open-minded approach to life. While your work methods are undoubtedly impressive, remember that the world offers other avenues to spark inspiration and desire, often found through experiential learning. Ask yourself: Have I grown too comfortable with the status quo? Is it time to shake things up a bit to refresh my perspective?


Libra, not only does your season kick off this month, but Mars—the planet of action, aggression, and passion—will be in your sign for the entire month. This grants you a tremendous sense of autonomy to live life on your terms and be the person you want to be.

Towards the end of the month, we have a full moon on the horizon, which presents an opportunity to shed expectations you may have placed on yourself based on your connections with others. With both Mars and the sun in close proximity to your sign, this is the perfect time to embrace a bit of selfishness. Learn how to stand firmly on your own two feet, aligning your decisions and actions with your own desires rather than prioritizing what you think others want from you. What would truly make you happy if you could strip away all the external noise and the obligations to others?


Scorpio, as you journey through September, it’s a prime time to contemplate the idea that we, as individuals, are shaped by the five people closest to us. Reflect on how your closest relationships influence you and how you, in turn, influence them. It’s crucial to be mindful of this dynamic as you move through not only September but the rest of the year.

Strive to understand how to be fully present, how to connect with others meaningfully, and how to intentionally surround yourself with people who share your values, mind-set, and goals. They don’t have to be identical, but it’s about creating spaces that uplift and support you, allowing you to embrace your natural Scorpio traits of vulnerability, trust, and authenticity. Challenge yourself to make sure there is symbiosis in your relationships.


In the month ahead, it’s time to reconnect with your roots—by which I mean those things that make you feel most like a true Sagittarius. Find what sets you free, ignites your expressiveness, and fuels your sense of adventure and exploration.

The beauty of this month lies in the opportunity it offers. With Venus wrapping up its retrograde phase and Jupiter beginning its retrograde journey, you’re granted a two-fold chance to shake up your routine. It’s time to ponder how you can regularly and practically inject excitement into your life. What aspects of your day-to-day existence grant you the permission to break free from responsibilities and personal expectations?


This month brings a balanced tone of “work hard, play hard.” Mars will be lighting up your career and social reputation sector, presenting an excellent opportunity for you to expand and reignite your motivation towards your professional goals.

However, with Jupiter in retrograde, it’s also an ideal time to reconnect with your pleasure centers. What truly stirs your passion and excitement when you’re not on the job, beyond the 9-to-5 hustle? Capricorns are often associated with hard work and money-making, but what fills your recreational moments? Is it spending time with friends and family, pursuing hobbies, or something else entirely? During September, ask yourself how you can ensure that, just as much as you’re working hard, you’re equally committed to playing hard and enjoying life to the fullest.


Aquarius, I see a lot of potential for relationship drama and home-related stress to ease up during September. With Venus retrograde wrapping up and a full moon approaching at month’s end, a wonderful opportunity arises for you to rediscover your voice and regain a sense of balance in your relationships.

Remember, relationships are a two-way street. To find solace in connections with others, communication is key. This means actively listening, adapting your communication style, and being present for each other. It’s about acknowledging that sometimes you have to ask for what you need, and sometimes you have to find middle ground through compromise. Reflect on where you currently stand and what you require from your relationships as a result. How can you create an open space for others to share their needs, knowing that you’ll acknowledge and support them in return?


Brace yourself for Mercury retrograding through your seventh house, which might bring some familiar faces—including exes—back into your life. However, take heart, as this retrograde will conclude shortly after the new moon in Virgo, ushering in opportunities for fresh beginnings in your relationships. I understand that Pisces often hold onto connections due to emotional nostalgia, triggered by memories of individuals. What makes this month special is that it encourages you to engage in a meaningful inner dialogue. This internal conversation should empower you to forge new, stronger connections with others.

What’s particularly appealing about September is its invitation to reshape your communication style. This applies not only to your words but also to your ability to be fully present in conversations, fostering more meaningful and connected relationships. Ask yourself if you’re still holding people to past standards or expectations based on previous relationships. Are you willing to move beyond nostalgic emotions to create new memories and connections?

Key Dates

September 3—Venus goes direct in Leo

September 4—Jupiter goes retrograde in Taurus

September 14—New moon in Virgo

September 15—Mercury goes direct in Virgo

September 22—Sun enters Libra

September 29—Full moon in Aries