Beyoncé Fans are Losing Their Collective Mind Over Renaissance

Beyonce Renaissance release
Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

First, there’s the anticipation, which is what we’ve all been experiencing since Beyoncé announced she was releasing Renaissance a few months back. Some even tried to ruin this stage, by leaking the album early, but Bey’s fans proved loyal and refused to listen (a decision that earned the singer’s praise and gratitude). Then, of course, there’s the release; when fans finally get to take in the new content in a shared, internet-sopping experience. It’s quickly followed by the inevitable next stage: the reaction.

In the time of social media, reactions to these moments hit the Internet like a tidal wave within moments of a release like this, and Renaissance was no different. Not long after midnight on Friday, fans were on Twitter, sharing their favorite tracks, lyrics, and transitions. Of course, where there are tweets, there are memes. But given the seemingly universal love for this album, the memes produced this time around have been a little different. Virtually none have a negative tone, they’re not clowning Beyoncé (who would dare?), or complaining about tracks. No, these memes are filled with pure elation (mixed with a just a sprinkle of Jay-Z commentary). So, as you plug in for your fourth album listen, scroll down to see the best memes and reactions to what’s already being called the album of the year.