Billie Eilish’s “Lost Cause” Video is an Ode to “Being Hot”

Billie Eilish
Photo by Kelia Anne MacCluskey

Goodbye to Billie Eilish’s gothy undertones. At least for now. In her self-directed video for new single “Lost Cause,” the 19-year-old and her co-stars just wanted to have “the time of our lives being hot,” as she put it on her Instagram. The crew is in full sleepover mode, playing Twister, having water gun and silly string fights, and eating late-night snacks. It also finds Eilish attempting a bit of choreography, though in a very casual kind of way.

It’s truly a new era for Billie Eilish, in case you couldn’t tell from her new soothing color palette and the platinum blonde mop that’s replaced her once-signature slime green roots. “Lost Cause” is just the latest indication of where she’s headed next leading up to the release of her long-awaited sophomore album Happier Than Ever—her “favorite thing [she’s] ever created.”

Just like on the album’s cover and previous clip “Your Power,” Eilish and co. stick to neutrals, ranging from beige to tan to pale blue. Seven-time Grammy Award-winner certainly seems to be in a better mood, though; there aren’t any tears in sight (nor is there a giant snake this time around). Eilish also continued to put her baggy-clothes era in the past—a change that the public is getting used to. (It wasn’t too long ago that she made waves for simply wearing a tank top.)

Meanwhile, Eilish is gearing up for next year’s Happier Than Ever world arena tour, which has already sold out its North American, European, and U.K. dates. She’s again partnering with the environmental nonprofit Reverb in an effort to make the tour as sustainable as possible, this time with so-called “Billie Eilish Action Villages” focusing on climate justice at each show. All told, the singer has promised that the tour will reduce “significantly” more carbon emissions than it creates.