What Is Bodies Bodies Bodies, the A24 Slasher Starring Pete Davidson, Even About?

Amandla, Maria, Chase, and Rachel wearing glow sticks and looking scared
Courtesy of A24

A weekend of raging with Rachel Sennott, Amandla Stenberg, Borat’s Maria Bakalova, Chase Sui Wonders, Myha’la Herrold, and even Pete Davidson sounds like a blast. But in the latest trailer for Bodies Bodies Bodies, it’s anything but. Halina Reijn’s upcoming A24 film centers around a group of ultra-privileged twenty-somethings whose plans for a glow stick-filled weekend of partying at a remote family mansion go disastrously wrong. A hurricane hits, and pretty soon, those glow sticks become one of their only sources of light. And unfortunately, the power loss happens just before they find out there’s a killer on the loose. Read on for more about how things take a disastrous turn.

The film’s title refers to a familiar game.

It’s a tale as old as time in horror films: A character suggests playing the classic party game in which everyone draws a card, and the one with an X is appointed the murderer—and not the pretend one that they’re supposed to be. And from the look of the trailer, Davidson’s character is the first victim.

Amandla Stenberg and Maria Bakalova play an awkward couple.

Before she’s consumed with anxiety about getting stabbed to death, Bakalova’s character Bee’s biggest worry is fitting in with her girlfriend Sophie (Stenberg)’s intimidating friends. Sophie insists that they’ll think she is the cool one, but Chase Sui Wonders’s character makes it clear that she and the rest of the trust fund kids feel otherwise. “Is this your first relationship?,” she asks Bee in the trailer, chuckling when she says no. “You just kind of give that vibe.”

Pete Davidson is in peak Pete Davidson mode.

“It would be so obvious if I was the killer,” Davidson’s character David says at one point, and we’d have to agree. According to an IndieWire review, he at one point escapes from the crew to marvel at his persona and physique: “I look like I fuck. It’s my whole vibe.” The review also describes him and Rachel Sennott as the cast’s standouts, and we don’t have any trouble believing that when it comes to the latter Shiva Baby breakout star.

There’s a surprise treat for Charli XCX fans.

The pop star wrote a new original song for Bodies Bodies Bodies, and from the title, “Hot Girl,” alone, it sounds like a bop.

The film’s release is sooner than you think.

Bodies Bodies Bodies hits theaters less than a month from now. Ahead of its August 5 release, watch the trailer below.