Britney Spears Won’t Give an Oprah Interview Anytime Soon

Britney Spears in black leatherette.
Photo by Rob Verhorst/Redferns

If there’s one thing the recent New York Times doc made crystal clear, it’s how many horrible, intrusive interview questions Britney Spears had to endure throughout her career. So it was a little bit surprising when rumors started circulating that Spears was considering giving her first sit-down interview in years. Sure, the buzz was that she was considering a chat with Oprah Winfrey after the latter’s blockbuster (and largely sympathetic) interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Winfrey’s golden touch lies in her ability to make her subjects feel comfortable while still digging for the truth; Spears could trust she wouldn’t repeat the sins committed by so many of her previous interviewers. The public, it seemed, loved the idea. In fact, a source told Entertainment Tonight last week that Spears “always hated doing interviews” but would consider making an exception for Winfrey.

Alas, it seems that Spears actually isn’t interested in any sort of sit-down interview. At least, according to Us weekly.

“The report about Britney considering a tell-all is greatly exaggerated and essentially giving false hope to the fans who tweeted calls for it after the Harry and Meghan interview,” a source told the tabloid. “Britney would like to tell her story and has always wanted to write a memoir, but the conservatorship makes that difficult and it’s not something on her immediate radar, anyway.”

Another source hinted that if Spears felt the need to speak out directly at the moment she’d do so through social media with the assistance of her boyfriend Sam Asghari.

It’s certainly an interesting cultural moment for the nearly defunct format of the primetime celebrity tell-all.

The Spears documentary reminded everyone of how horrible and exploitive those interviews could sometimes be. Oprah’s sit-down with the Sussexes, however, reminded us how it’s certainly something of a spectacle to behold very famous people setting the record straight in a highly publicized special. It’s so much more thrilling than a tweet, a tightly controlled Netflix documentary, or a notes app screenshot Instagram post could ever be.

Yet, we’re sure we can all put Spears’s personal feelings over our thirst for that thrill, in this case.