Cardi B's Guide to Parenting Is Very Simple

Cardi B performing WAP at the Grammys
Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

In the eight months since Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion released their first joint single, “WAP,” it seems that some people have yet to let up on their performative moral “disappointment” in the song’s lyrics. And after the duo’s performance at the 2021 Grammys, the conservative milieu took to Twitter again to tell the rappers that they do not condone the song’s message, which is one of sexual freedom.

Days after Cardi B’s ongoing feud with conservative pundit Candace Owens exploded on Twitter, Errol Webber, a candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor in California but also seemingly a full-time Twitter troll, tweeted a video taken from Cardi B’s Instagram Story. In the video, the rapper can be seen turning down “WAP” when her two-year-old daughter Kulture walks into the room. “She looks embarrassed,” he wrote. “This is how you know Cardi B knows right from wrong, yet STILL deliberately chooses to do wrong by girating and scissoring her WAP on national TV... in view of other people’s kids.”

In a quote tweet response, however, Cardi B pointed out that, of course, she would turn the song down when her daughter walks into the room because she’s doing her job as a parent. “The Grammies are PG. That means parental guidance. Meaning is your job like it is to mine to my child to monitor what they watch,” she wrote. “My performance was around 10 pm on a Sunday Your child should be in bed ready for school the next day why are they up watching Wap?”

She raises a good point about the very basics of parenting and offers a pretty simple solution to anyone who takes offense at her song’s lyrics, especially when their kids are present in the room. In other words, if anyone has such an issue with playing the song in front of their children, all they have to do is simply turn it off. Instead, as Megan Thee Stallion pointed out last year, by continuing to talk about how much they hate “WAP,” all they’re doing is giving the rappers extra streams anyway.